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HATS-74Ab, HATS-75b, HATS-76b, and HATS-77b: Four Transiting Giant Planets Around K and M Dwarfs


Jordán, Andrés and Hartman, J. D. and Bayliss, D. and Bakos, G. Á. and Brahm, R. and Bryant, E. M. and Csubry, Z. and Henning, Th. and Hobson, M. and Mancini, L. and Penev, K. and Rabus, M. and Suc, V. and de Val-Borro, M. and Wallace, J. and Barkaoui, K. and Ciardi, David R. and Collins, K. A. and Esparza-Borges, E. and Furlan, E. and Gan, T. and Benkhaldoun, Z. and Ghachoui, M. and Gillon, M. and Howell, S. and Jehin, E. and Fukui, A. and Kawauchi, K. and Livingston, J. H. and Luque, R. and Matson, R. and Matthews, E. C. and Osborn, H. P. and Murgas, F. and Narita, Norio and Palle, E. and Parvianen, H. and Waalkes, W. C.



, 2022, 163, 125

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