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Transit timings variations in the three-planet system: TOI-270


Kaye, Laurel and Vissapragada, Shreyas and Günther, Maximilian N. and Aigrain, Suzanne and Mikal-Evans, Thomas and Jensen, Eric L. N. and Parviainen, Hannu and Pozuelos, Francisco J. and Abe, Lyu and Acton, Jack S. and Agabi, Abdelkrim and Alves, Douglas R. and Anderson, David R. and Armstrong, David J. and Barkaoui, Khalid and Barragán, Oscar and Benneke, Björn and Boyd, Patricia T. and Brahm, Rafael and Bruni, Ivan and Bryant, Edward M. and Burleigh, Matthew R. and Casewell, Sarah L. and Ciardi, David and Cloutier, Ryan and Collins, Karen A. and Collins, Kevin I. and Conti, Dennis M. and Crossfield, Ian J. M. and Crouzet, Nicolas and Daylan, Tansu and Dragomir, Diana and Dransfield, Georgina and Fabrycky, Daniel and Fausnaugh, Michael and Fuűrész, Gábor and Gan, Tianjun and Gill, Samuel and Gillon, Michaël and Goad, Michael R. and Gorjian, Varoujan and Greklek-McKeon, Michael and Guerrero, Natalia and Guillot, Tristan and Jehin, Emmanuël and Jenkins, J. S. and Lendl, Monika and Kamler, Jacob and Kane, Stephen R. and Kielkopf, John F. and Kunimoto, Michelle and Marie-Sainte, Wenceslas and McCormac, James and Mékarnia, Djamel and Morales, Farisa Y. and Moyano, Maximiliano and Palle, Enric and Parmentier, Vivien and Relles, Howard M. and Schmider, François-Xavier and Schwarz, Richard P. and Seager, S. and Smith, Alexis M. S. and Tan, Thiam-Guan and Taylor, Jake and Triaud, Amaury H. M. J. and Twicken, Joseph D. and Udry, Stephane and Vines, J. I. and Wang, Gavin and Wheatley, Peter J. and Winn, Joshua N.



, 2022, 510, 5464-5485

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