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TOI-2257 b: A highly eccentric long-period sub-Neptune transiting a nearby M dwarf


Schanche, N. and Pozuelos, F. J. and Günther, M. N. and Wells, R. D. and Burgasser, A. J. and Chinchilla, P. and Delrez, L. and Ducrot, E. and Garcia, L. J. and Gómez Maqueo Chew, Y. and Jofré, E. and Rackham, B. V. and Sebastian, D. and Stassun, K. G. and Stern, D. and Timmermans, M. and Barkaoui, K. and Belinski, A. and Benkhaldoun, Z. and Benz, W. and Bieryla, A. and Bouchy, F. and Burdanov, A. and Charbonneau, D. and Christiansen, J. L. and Collins, K. A. and Demory, B. -O. and Dévora-Pajares, M. and de Wit, J. and Dragomir, D. and Dransfield, G. and Furlan, E. and Ghachoui, M. and Gillon, M. and Gnilka, C. and Gómez-Muñoz, M. A. and Guerrero, N. and Harris, M. and Heng, K. and Henze, C. E. and Hesse, K. and Howell, S. B. and Jehin, E. and Jenkins, J. and Jensen, E. L. N. and Kunimoto, M. and Latham, D. W. and Lester, K. and McLeod, K. K. and Mireles, I. and Murray, C. A. and Niraula, P. and Pedersen, P. P. and Queloz, D. and Quintana, E. V. and Ricker, G. and Rudat, A. and Sabin, L. and Safonov, B. and Schroffenegger, U. and Scott, N. and Seager, S. and Strakhov, I. and Triaud, A. H. M. J. and Vanderspek, R. and Vezie, M. and Winn, J.



, 2022, 657, A45

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