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The Tidal Disruption Event AT2021ehb: Evidence of Relativistic Disk Reflection, and Rapid Evolution of the Disk-Corona System


Yao, Yuhan and Lu, Wenbin and Guolo, Muryel and Pasham, Dheeraj R. and Gezari, Suvi and Gilfanov, Marat and Gendreau, Keith C. and Harrison, Fiona and Cenko, S. Bradley and Kulkarni, S. R. and Miller, Jon M. and Walton, Dominic J. and García, Javier A. and van Velzen, Sjoert and Alexander, Kate D. and Miller-Jones, James C. A. and Nicholl, Matt and Hammerstein, Erica and Medvedev, Pavel and Stern, Daniel and Ravi, Vikram and Sunyaev, R. and Bloom, Joshua S. and Graham, Matthew J. and Kool, Erik C. and Mahabal, Ashish A. and Masci, Frank J. and Purdum, Josiah and Rusholme, Ben and Sharma, Yashvi and Smith, Roger and Sollerman, Jesper



, 2022, 937, 8

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