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Ultracool dwarfs in Gaia DR3


Sarro, L. M. and Berihuete, A. and Smart, R. L. and Reylé, C. and Barrado, D. and García-Torres, M. and Cooper, W. J. and Jones, H. R. A. and Marocco, F. and Creevey, O. L. and Sordo, R. and Bailer-Jones, C. A. L. and Montegriffo, P. and Carballo, R. and Andrae, R. and Fouesneau, M. and Lanzafame, A. C. and Pailler, F. and Thévenin, F. and Lobel, A. and Delchambre, L. and Korn, A. J. and Recio-Blanco, A. and Schultheis, M. S. and De Angeli, F. and Brouillet, N. and Casamiquela, L. and Contursi, G. and de Laverny, P. and García-Lario, P. and Kordopatis, G. and Lebreton, Y. and Livanou, E. and Lorca, A. and Palicio, P. A. and Slezak-Oreshina, I. and Soubiran, C. and Ulla, A. and Zhao, H.



, 2023, 669, A139

Data Sets Used

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