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2MASS Science Publications

Papers published in 1999

  1. Newly Discovered Brown Dwarfs Not Seen in Microlensing Time Scale Frequency Distribution?, S.J. Peale (UCSB), 1999, ApJ, 524, L67.

  2. Discovery of a Brown Dwarf Companion to Gliese 570ABC: A 2MASS T Dwarf Significantly Cooler than Gliese 229B, A.J. Burgasser (Caltech), J.D. Kirkpatrick, R.M. Cutri, H. McCallon, G. Kopan, J.E. Gizis (IPAC), J. Liebert (UofA), I.N. Reid (UPenn), M.E. Brown (Caltech), D.G. Monet, C.C. Dahn (USNO), C.A. Beichman (JPL), & M.F. Skrutskie (UMass), 1999, ApJ, 531, L57

  3. A Search for Photometric Rotation Periods in Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades, D.M. Terndrup, A. Krishnamurthi, M. H. Pinsonneault, J.R. Stauffer, 1999, AJ, 118, 1814

  4. Keck Imaging of Binary L Dwarfs, D. W. Koerner (UPenn), J. D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC), M. W. McElwain & N. R. Bonaventura (UPenn), 1999, ApJ, 526, L25.

  5. Discovery of Four Field Methane (T-type) Dwarfs with 2MASS , A.J. Burgasser (Caltech), J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC), M.E. Brown (Caltech), I.N. Reid (UPenn), J.E. Gizis (UMass), C.C. Dahn , D.G. Monet (USNO-FS), C.A. Beichman (IPAC), J. Liebert (UofA), R.M. Cutri (IPAC), & M.F. Skrutskie (UMass), 1999, ApJ, 522, L65.

  6. 2MASS Survey for Brown Dwarfs Towards the Hyades, J.E. Gizis (UMass), I.N. Reid (CalTech), & D.G. Monet (USNO) 1999, AJ, 118, 997.

  7. L Dwarfs and the Substellar Mass Function, I.N. Reid (Caltech), J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC/Caltech), J. Liebert, A. Burrows (UofA), J. Gizis (UMass), A. Burgasser (Caltech), C.C. Dahn, D. Monet (USNO-FS), R. Cutri, C.A. Beichman (IPAC/Caltech), M. Skrutskie (UMass) 1999, ApJ, ApJ, 519, 345.

  8. A 2MASS Ultracool M Dwarf Observed in a Spectacular Flare, J. Liebert (UofA), J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC/Caltech), I.N. Reid (Caltech), M.D. Fisher (UofA) 1999, ApJ, 519, 345.

  9. An Improved Optical Spectrum and New Model Fits of the Likely Brown Dwarf GD 165B, J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC/Caltech), F. Allard (Lyon), T. Bida (Keck), B. Zuckerman, E.E. Becklin (UCLA), G. Chabrier, & I. Baraffe (Lyon), 1999, ApJ, 519, 834.

  10. Dwarfs Cooler than ``M'': The Definition of Spectral Type ``L'' using Discoveries from the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC/Caltech), I.N. Reid (Caltech), J. Liebert (UofA), R.M. Cutri, B. Nelson, C.A. Beichman (IPAC/Caltech), C.C. Dahn, D.G. Monet (USNO-FS), J.E. Gizis, M.F. Skrutskie (UMass), 1999, ApJ, 519, 802.


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