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2MASS Science Publications

Papers published in 2001

  1. The CIDA-QUEST Large Scale Survey of the Orion OB1 Association: Evidence for Rapid Disk Dissipation in a Dispersed Stellar Population, C. Briceno et al., 2001, Science, 291, 93.

  2. Discovery of New Embedded Herbig-Haro Objects in the rho Ophiuchi Dark Cloud, N. Grosso, J. Alves, R. Neuheuser, & T. Montmerle, 2001, A&A, 380, L1.

  3. A Search For Massive Dense Cores With 13CO J=1-0 Line, Y. Wu, J. Wu, & J. Wang (Peking U., China), 2001, A&A, 380, 665.

  4. Another Bar in the Bulge, C. Alard (IAP), 2001, A&A, 379, L44.

  5. Solar System Objects Observed in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Commissioning Data, Z. Ivezic (Princeton) et al., 2001, AJ, 122, 2749.

  6. AGB Variables in Baade's Windows, M. Schultheis (IAP, FR) & I.S. Glass (SAAO), 2001, MNRAS, 327, 1193.

  7. Astrometry with the MACHO Data Archive. I. High Proper Motion Stars toward the Galactic Bulge and Magellanic Clouds, C. Alcock et al. (UPenn), 2001, ApJ, 562, 337.

  8. X-rays and Protostars in the Trifid Nebula, J. Rho (IPAC/Caltech), M.F. Corcoran (NASA/GSFC), Y.-H. Chu (UIUC), W.T. Reach (SSC/CalTech), 2001, ApJ, 562, 446.

  9. Four Brown Dwarfs in the Taurus Star-Forming Region, E. L. Martin, C. Dougados, E. Magnier, F. Menard, A. Magazzu, J.-C. Cuillandre, X. Delfosse, 2001, ApJ, 561, L195.

  10. Broad Absorption Line Quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey with VLA FIRST Radio Detections, K. Menou (Princeton) et al., 2001, ApJ, 561, 645.

  11. Measurements of the Magnetic Field Geometry and Strength in Bok Globules, Th. Henning et al., 2001, ApJ, 561, 871.

  12. Discovery of Close Companions to the Nearby Young Stars HD 199143 and HD 358623, R. Jayawardhana (UCB) & A. Brandeker (Stockholm Obs.), 2001, ApJ, 561, L111.

  13. H and K Band Methane Features in an L Dwarf, 2MASS 0920+35, T. Nakajima, T. Tsuji, K. Yanagisawa, 2001, ApJ, 561, L119.

  14. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Brown Dwarfs: Methane and the Transition Between the L and T Spectral Types, I.S. McLean, L. Prato, S.S. Kim, M.K. Wilcox (UCLA), J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC), A. Burgasser (Caltech), 2001, ApJ, 561, L115.

  15. Infrared Mass-to-Light Profile Throughout the Infall Region of the Coma Cluster, K. Rines, M.J. Geller, M.J. Kurtz, A. Diaferio, T.H. Jarrett, J.P. Huchra, 2001, ApJ, 561, L41.

  16. ESO Imaging Survey. Pre-FLAMES Survey: Observations of Selected Stellar Fields, Y. Momany (ESO) et al., 2001, A&A, 379, 436.

  17. The K-Band Galaxy Luminosity Function, C.S. Kochanek, M.A. Pahre, E.E. Falco, J.P. Huchra, J. Mader (CfA), T.H Jarrett, T. Chester, R. Cutri (IPAC/Caltech), & S.E. Schneider (UMass), 2001, ApJ, 560, 566.

  18. On the MBM12 Young Association, K. Luhman (CfA), 2001, ApJ, 560, 287.

  19. Chandra X-Ray Observations of G11.2-0.3: Implications for Pulsar Ages, V.M. Kaspi (McGill) et al., 2001, ApJ, 560, 371.

  20. Interferometric Astrometry with Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor 3: The Parallax of the Cataclysmic Variable TV Columbae, B.E. McArthur (UTexas) et al., 2001, ApJ, 560, 907.

  21. Mapping The Interstellar Dust With Near-Infrared Observations: An Optimized Multi-band Technique, M. Lombardi & J. Alves, 2001, A&A, 377, 1023.

  22. Metallicity Gradients in the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy, C. Alard (IAP), 2001, A&A, 377, 389.

  23. A ROSAT Medium-Sensitivity Galactic Plane Survey at 180° < l < 280° J.E. Morley (U. Leicester, UK), K.R. Briggs, J.P. Pye, F. Favata, G. Micela, & S. Sciortino, 2001, MNRAS, 326, 1161.

  24. Measuring the Distribution of Galaxies Between Haloes, A.J. Benson, 2001, MNRAS, 325, 1039.

  25. PSR J17403052: a pulsar with a massive companion, I.H. Stairs et al., 2001, MNRAS, 325, 979.

  26. The 2MASS Color-Magnitude Diagram of the Center of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: Photometric Measurements of a Surprisingly High Mean Metallicity, A.A. Cole (UMass), 2001, ApJ, 559, L17.

  27. Keck NIRC Observations of Planetary-Mass Candidate Members in the Orionis Open Cluster, E.L. Martin (IfA, UH) et al., 2001, ApJ, 558, L117.

  28. Three Wide Separation L-Dwarf Companions from 2MASS: Gl 337C, Gl 618.1B, and HD 89744B, J.C. Wilson (Cornell), J.D. Kirkpatrick, J.E. Gizis (IPAC/Caltech), M.F. Skrutskie (UMass), D.G. Monet (USNO), & J.R. Houck (Cornell), 2001, AJ, 122, 1989.

  29. MSX, 2MASS, and the LMC: A Combined Near and Mid Infrared View, M.P. Egan (AFRL), S.D. Van Dyk (IPAC/Caltech), & S.D. Price (AFRL), 2001, AJ, 122, 1844.

  30. Magellanic Cloud Structure from Near-IR Surveys II: Star Count Maps and the Intrinsic Elongation of the LMC, R.P. van der Marel (STScI), 2001, AJ, 122, 1827.

  31. Magellanic Cloud Structure from Near-IR Surveys I: The Viewing Angles of the LMC, R.P. van der Marel (STScI) & M.-R.L. Cioni (Leiden), 2001, AJ, 122,1807.

  32. The Cosmic Infrared Background at 1.25 Microns and 2.2 Microns Using DIRBE and 2MASS: A Contribution Not Due To Galaxies?, L. Cambresy, W.T. Reach (IPAC), C.A. Beichman (JPL), T.H. Jarrett (IPAC), 2001, ApJ, 555, 563.

  33. Brown Dwarf Companions to G-type Stars. I: Gliese 417B and Gliese 584C, J. D. Kirkpatrick, C. C. Dahn, D. G. Monet, I. N. Reid, J. E. Gizis, J. Liebert, A. J. Burgasser, 2001, AJ, 121, 3235.

  34. Near-Infrared Photometric Variability of Stars Toward the Orion A Molecular Cloud, J.M. Carpenter, L.A. Hillenbrand (Caltech), & M.F. Strutskie (UMass), 2001, AJ, 121, 3160.

  35. Color Transformations for the 2MASS Second Incremental Release, J.M. Carpenter (Caltech), 2001, AJ, 121, 2851.

  36. Quasars in the 2MASS Second Incremental Data Release, W.A. Barkhouse & P.B. Hall (UToronto), 2001, AJ, 121, 2843 (Erratum, AJ, 122, 496).

  37. The Mass and Structure of the Pleiades Star Cluster from 2MASS, J.D. Adams (UMass/BU), J.R. Stauffer (CfA/IPAC), D.G. Monet (USNO), M.F. Strutskie (UMass), C.A. Beichman (JPL), 2001, AJ, 121, 2053.

  38. A 2MASS L Dwarf Companion to the Nearby K Dwarf GJ 1048, J.E. Gizis, J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC/Caltech), J.C. Wilson (Cornell), 2001, AJ, 121, 2185.

  39. DIRBE Minus 2MASS: Confirming the Cosmic Infrared Background at 2.2 Microns, E. L. Wright (UCLA), 2001, ApJ, 553, 538.

  40. The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: Infrared Galaxy Luminosity Functions, S. Cole (Durham), et al., 2001, MNRAS, 326, 255.

  41. Substellar Companions to Main Sequence Stars: No Brown Dwarf Desert at Wide Separations, J.E. Gizis, J.D. Kirkpatrick, A. Burgasser (IPAC), I.N. Reid (UPenn/STScI), D.G. Monet (USNO-FS), J. Liebert (UAz), J.C. Wilson (Cornell), 2001, ApJ, 551, L163.

  42. New Infrared Star Clusters and Candidates in the Galaxy Detected With 2MASS, C.M. Dutra (Univ. Federal, BR) & E. Bica (Inst. Astr. e Geop. du USP, BR), 2001, A&A, 376, 434.

  43. The Environmental Dependence of the Infrared Luminosity and Stellar Mass Functions, M. Balogh (U. Durham) D. Christlein, A. Zabludoff, D. Zaritsky (Steward Obs.), 2001, ApJ, 557, 117.

  44. Search For Nearby Stars Among Proper Motion Stars Selected By Optical-To-Infrared Photometry. I. Discovery of LHS 2090 at Spectroscopic Distance of d=6pc, R.-D. Scholz (Potsdam), H. Meusinger (Thuringer), & H. Jahreiß (Heidelberg), 2001, A&A, 374, L12.

  45. Three Newly-Discovered M-Dwarf Companions of Solar Neighbourhood Stars, J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC/Caltech), J. Liebert (UAz), K.L. Cruz (UPenn), J.E. Gizis (IPAC/Caltech), I. Neill Reid (STScI/UPenn), 2001, PASP, 113, 814.

  46. A Submillimeter Dust and Gas Study of the Orion B Molecular Cloud, G.F. Mitchell (St Mary's, Halifax), 2001, ApJ, 556, 215.

  47. A Search for Faint Galactic Carbon Stars from the First Byurakan Spectral Sky Survey. I., K. Gigoyan, N. Mauron, M. Azzopardi, G. Muratorio, H.V. Abrahamyan, 2001, A&A, 371, 560.

  48. CorMASS: A Compact and Efficient Near-Infrared Spectrograph for Studying Low-Mass Objects, J.C. Wilson, M.F. Skrutskie, M.R. Colonno, A.T. Enos, J.D. Smith, C.P. Henderson, J.E. Gizis, D. Monet, J.R. Houck, 2001, PASP, 113, 227

  49. Interstellar Extinction and Polarization in the Taurus Dark Clouds: The Optical Properties of Dust near the Diffuse/Dense Cloud Interface, D.C.B. Whittet, P.A. Gerakines, J.H. Hough, S.S. Shenoy, 2001, ApJ, 547, 872.

  50. On 2MASS Identifications for OH/IR Stars, B.M. Lewis (Arecibo), 2001, AJ, 121, 426.

  51. Radial Scale Lengths of the Galactic Thin and Thick Disk with 2MASS Data, D. K. Ojha (Tata Inst. Fund. Res.), 2001, MNRAS, 322, 426.

  52. LMC and SMC Cepheids: Combining OGLE with DENIS and 2MASS Infrared Data, M.A.T. Groenewegen (MPIfA), 2001, A&A, 363, 901.

  53. Massive and luminous YSO IRAS 05361+3539 and its environment. A study of star formation in the parent cloud - I, A. Chakraborty, D.K. Ojha, B.G. Anandarao, & T.N. Rengarajan, 2001, A&A, 364, 683.

  54. Structure of the Large Magellanic Cloud from 2MASS, M.D. Weinberg, S. Nikolaev (UMass), 2001, ApJ, 548, 712.

  55. Near-infrared Imaging and [O I] spectroscopy of IC 443 using 2MASS and ISO, J. Rho, T. H. Jarrett, R. M. Cutri, W. T. Reach (IPAC/Caltech), 2001, ApJ, 547, 885.

  56. Periodic Photometric Variability in the Becklin-Neugebauer Object, L.A. Hillenbrand, J.M. Carpenter (Caltech), M. F. Skrutskie (UMass), 2001, ApJ, 547, L53.

  57. A New Complete Sample of Sub-millijansky Radio Sources: An Optical and Near-Infrared Study, F.J. Masci (IPAC), J.J. Condon (NRAO), T.A. Barlow, C.J. Lonsdale, D.L. Shupe (IPAC), O. Pevunova, F. Fang, R. Cutri (IPAC), 2001, PASP, 113, 10.

  58. A Search for L Dwarf Binary Systems, I.N. Reid (UPenn), J.E. Gizis, J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC), D.W. Koerner (UPenn), 2001, AJ, 121, 489.

  59. Detections of SiO and H2O Masers in the Bipolar Nebula IRAS 19312+1950, J. Nakashima (GUAS/NRO) & S. Deguchi (NRO), 2001, PASJ, 52, L43.


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