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2MASS Science Publications

Papers published in 2005

  1. The Discovery of Spiral Arms in the Starburst Galaxy M82 Y.D. Mayya, L. Carrasco, A. Luna, ApJ, 628, L33.
  2. Colors of Classical T Tauri Stars in Taurus Derived from Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Spectra: Indication of Dust Settling E. Furlan, N. Calvet, P. D'Alessio, L. Hartmann, W.J. Forrest, D.M. Watson, K.I. Uchida, B. Sargent, J.D. Green, T.L. Herter, 2005, ApJ, 628, L65.
  3. The Age of AB Doradus K.L. Luhman, J.R. Stauffer, E.E. Mamajek, 2005, ApJ, 628, L69.
  4. Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Heavy Elements in Metal-Poor Galactic Halo Stars J.J. Cowan, C. Sneden, T.C. Beers, J.E. Lawler, J. Simmerer, J.W. Truran, F. Primas, J. Collier, and S. Burles, 2005, ApJ, 627, 238.
  5. G313.3+00.3: A New Planetary Nebula Discovered by the Australia Telescope Compact Array and the Spitzer Space Telescope M. Cohen, A.J. Green, M.S.E. Roberts, M.R. Meade, B. Babler, R. Indebetouw, B.A. Whitney, C. Watson, M. Wolfire, M.J. Wolff, J.S. Mathis, and E.B. Churchwell, ApJ, 627, 446.
  6. Testing Stellar Models with an Improved Physical Orbit for 12 Bootis" A.F. Boden, G. Torres, and C.A. Hummel, 2005, ApJ, 627, 464.
  7. Chandra Observations of NGC 4261 (3C 270): Revealing the Jet and Hidden Active Galactic Nucleus in a Type 2 LINER A. Zezas, M. Birkinshaw , D.M. Worrall, A. Peters, G. Fabbiano, 2005, ApJ, 627, 711.
  8. Chandra Observations of 12 Luminous Red Quasars T. Urrutia, M. Lacy, M.D. Gregg, and R.H. Becker, 2005, ApJ, 627, 75.
  9. A Parsec-Scale Outflow in the Rosette Molecular Cloud? R.L. Phelps, and J.E. Ybarra, 2005, ApJ, 627, 845.
  10. The X-Ray Position and Optical Counterpart of the Accretion-powered Millisecond Pulsar XTE J1814-338
  11. M.I. Krauss, Z. Wang,A. Dullighan, A.M. Juett, D.L. Kaplan, D. Chakrabarty, M.H. van Kerkwijk, D. Steeghs, P.G. Jonker, C.B. Markwardt, 2005, ApJ, 627, 910.
  12. Detection of a Massive Dust Shell around the Type II Supernova SN 2002hh M.J. Barlow, B.E.K. Sugerman, J. Fabbri, M. Meixner, R.S. Fisher, J.E. Bowey, N. Panagia, B. Ercolano, G.C. Clayton, M. Cohen, T.M. Gledhill, K. Gordon, A.G.G.M. Tielens, and A.A. Zijlstra, 2005, ApJ, 627, L113.
  13. SSSPM J1549-3544 Is Not a White Dwarf J. Farihi, P.R. Wood, and B. Stalder, 2005, ApJ, 627, L41.
  14. Constraints on Inner Disk Evolution Timescales: A Disk Census of the eta Chamaeleontis Young Cluster K.E. Haisch, Jr, R. Jayawardhana, J. Alves, 2005, ApJ, 627, L57.
  15. An Excess Due to Small Grains around the Nearby K0 V Star HD 69830: Asteroid or Cometary Debris? C.A. Beichman, G. Bryden, T.N. Gautier, K.R. Stapelfeldt, M.W. Werner, K. Misselt, G. Rieke, J. Stansberry, D. Trilling, 2005, ApJ, 626, 1061.
  16. X-Rays from Cepheus A East and West S.H. Pravdo, Y. Tsuboi , 2005, ApJ, 626, 272.
  17. Infrared Telescope in Space Observations of the Near-Infrared Extragalactic Background Light T. Matsumoto, S. Matsuura, H. Murakami, M. Tanaka, M. Freund, M. Lim, M. Cohen, M. Kawada and M. Noda, 2005, Apj, 626, 31.
  18. Fluorine Abundances in the Orion Nebula Cluster K. Cunha and V.V. Smith, 2005, ApJ, 626, 425.
  19. The Effective Temperature Scale of FGK Stars. I. Determination of Temperatures and Angular Diameters with the Infrared Flux Method I. Ramírez and J. Meléndez, 2005, ApJ, 626, 446.
  20. The Effective Temperature Scale of FGK Stars. II. Teff : Color : [Fe/H] Calibrations I. Ramírez and J. Meléndez, 2005, ApJ, 626, 465.
  21. Quiescent Radio Emission from Southern Late-Type M Dwarfs and a Spectacular Radio Flare from the M8 Dwarf DENIS 1048-3956 A.J. Burgasser and M.E. Putman, 2005, ApJ, 626, 486.
  22. Detection of Thermal Emission from an Extrasolar Planet D. Charbonneau, L.E. Allen, S.T. Megeath, G. Torres, R. Alonso, T. M. Brown, R.L. Gilliland, D.W. Latham, G. Mandushev, F.T. O'Donovan, A. Sozzetti, 2005, ApJ, 626, 523.
  23. The Galaxy Distribution Function from the 2MASS Survey G.R. Sivakoff and W.C. Saslaw, 2005, ApJ, 626, 295.
  24. Evidence for an X-Ray Jet in DG Tauri A? M. Güdel, S.L. Skinner, K.R. Briggs, M. Audard, K. Arzner, A. Telleschi, 2005, ApJ, 626, L53.
  25. The Progenitor of SN 2004dj in a Star Cluster X. Wang, Y. Yang, T. Zhang, J. Ma, X. Zhou, W. Li, Y.-Q. Lou, Zo. Li, 2005, ApJ, 626, L89.
  26. FUSE Measurements of Far-Ultraviolet Extinction. I. Galactic Sight Lines U.J. Sofia, M.J. Wolff, B. Rachford, K.D. Gordon, G.C. Clayton, S.I.B. Cartledge, P.G. Martin, B.T. Draine, J.S. Mathis, T.P. Snow, D.C.B. Whittet, 2005, ApJ, 625, 167.
  27. Toward an Understanding of the Rapid Decline of the Cosmic Star Formation Rate E.F. Bell, C. Papovich, C. Wolf, E. Le Floc'h, J.A.R. Caldwell, M. Barden, E. Egami, D.H. McIntosh, K. Meisenheimer, P.G. Pérez-González, G.H. Rieke, M.J. Rieke, J.R. Rigby, H.-W. Rix, 2005, ApJ, 625, 23.
  28. Is the Emerging Massive Cluster NGC 2244 a Twin Cluster? J.Z. Li, 2005, ApJ, 625, 242.
  29. The Substellar Mass Function: A Bayesian Approach P.R. Allen, D.W. Koerner, I.N. Reid, D.E. Trilling, 2005, ApJ, 625, 385.
  30. The Murmur of the Sleeping Black Hole: Detection of Nuclear Ultraviolet Variability in LINER Galaxies D. Maoz, N.M. Nagar, H. Falcke, A.S. Wilson, 2005, ApJ, 625, 699.
  31. The Molecular Interstellar Medium of Dwarf Galaxies on Kiloparsec Scales: A New Survey for CO in Northern, IRAS-detected Dwarf Galaxies A. Leroy, A.D. Bolatto, J.D. Simon, L. Blitz , 2005, ApJ, 625, 763.
  32. A Chandra Observation of the Nearby Lenticular Galaxy NGC 5102: Where Are the X-Ray Binaries? R.P. Kraft, L.A. Nolan, T.J. Ponman, C. Jones, S. Raychaudhury, 2005, ApJ, 625, 785.
  33. Search for CO Outflows toward a Sample of 69 High-Mass Protostellar Candidates. II. Outflow Properties Q. Zhang, T.R. Hunter, J. Brand, T.K. Sridharan, R. Cesaroni, S. Molinari, J. Wang, M. Kramer, 2005, ApJ, 625, 864.
  34. High-Mass Star Formation. I. The Mass Distribution of Submillimeter Clumps in NGC 7538 M.A. Reid and C.D. Wilson, 2005, ApJ, 625, 891.
  35. Measuring Accretion in Young Substellar Objects: Approaching the Planetary Mass Regime J. Muzerolle, K.L. Luhman, C. Briceño, L. Hartmann, N. Calvet, 2005, ApJ, 625, 906.
  36. Discovery of Strong Lensing by an Elliptical Galaxy at z=0.0345 R.J. Smith, J.P. Blakeslee, J.R. Lucey, J. Tonry, 2005, ApJ, 625, L103.
  37. A New Detached M Dwarf Eclipsing Binary O.L. Creevey, G.F. Benedict, T.M. Brown, R. Alonso, P. Cargile, G. Mandushev, D. Charbonneau, B.E. McArthur, W. Cochran, F.T. O'Donovan, S.J. Jiménez-Reyes, J.A. Belmonte, D. Kolinski, 2005, ApJ, 625, L127.
  38. Two Extreme Double-peaked Line Emitters in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey T.-G. Wang, X.-B. Dong, X.-G. Zhang, H.-Y. Zhou, J.-X. Wang, Y.-J. Lu, 2005, ApJ, 625, L35.
  39. Cl 1205+44: A Fossil Group at z = 0.59 M.P. Ulmer, C. Adami, G. Covone, F. Durret, G. B. Lima Neto, K. Sabirli, B. Holden, R. G. Kron, A. K. Romer, 2005, ApJ, 624, 124.
  40. Metal Abundances of KISS Galaxies. IV. Galaxian Luminosity-Metallicity Relations in the Optical and Near-Infrared J.J. Salzer, J.C. Lee, J. Melbourne, J.L. Hinz, A. Alonso-Herrero, A. Jangren, 2005, ApJ, 624, 661.
  41. Triggered Star Formation in the Orion Bright-rimmed Clouds H.-T. Lee, W.P. Chen, Z.-Wei Zhang, J.-Yao Hu, 2005, ApJ, 624, 808.
  42. An Extended Search for Circularly Polarized Infrared Radiation from the OMC-1 Region of Orion M. Buschermöhle, D.C.B. Whittet, A. Chrysostomou, J.H. Hough, P.W. Lucas, A.J. Adamson, B.A. Whitney, M.J. Wolff, 2005, ApJ, 624, 821.
  43. The Near-Infrared Size-Luminosity Relations for Herbig Ae/Be Disks J.D. Monnier, et al., 2005, ApJ, 624, 832.
  44. An XMM-Newton Observation of the Drifting Pulsar B0943+10 B. Zhang, D. Sanwal, G.G. Pavlov, 2005, ApJ, 624, L109.
  45. An Infrared Spectroscopic Sequence of M, L, and T Dwarfs M.C. Cushing, J.T. Rayner, W.D. Vacca, 2005, ApJ, 623, 1115.
  46. Discovery of Extremely Embedded X-Ray Sources in the R Coronae Australis Star-forming Core K. Hamaguchi, M.F. Corcoran, R. Petre, N.E. White, B. Stelzer, K. Nedachi, N. Kobayashi, A.T. Tokunaga, 2005, ApJ, 623, 291.
  47. A Spitzer Study of Dusty Disks in the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association C.H. Chen, M. Jura, K.D. Gordon, M. Blaylock, 2005, ApJ, 623, 493.
  48. A Near-Solar Metallicity, Nitrogen-deficient Lyman Limit Absorber Associated with Two S0 Galaxies E.B. Jenkins, D.V. Bowen, T.M. Tripp, K.R. Sembach, 2005, ApJ, 623, 767.
  49. A Multiwavelength Study of the X-Ray Sources in NGC 5018 K.K. Ghosh, D.A. Swartz, A.F. Tennant, K. Wu, L. Saripalli, 2005, ApJ, 623, 815.
  50. Giant Molecular Clouds in M64 E. Rosolowsky and L. Blitz, 2005, ApJ, 623, 826.
  51. Reddening and the Extinction Law at High Galactic Latitude K. A. Larson and D.C.B. Whittet, 2005, ApJ, 623, 897.
  52. Observations of T Tauri Disks at Sub-AU Radii: Implications for Magnetospheric Accretion and Planet Formation J.A. Eisner, L.A. Hillenbrand, R.J. White,1 R.L. Akeson, A.I. Sargent, 2005, ApJ, 623, 952.
  53. GALEX Ultraviolet Observations of the Interacting Galaxy NGC 4438 in the Virgo Cluster A. Boselli, et al., 2005, ApJ., 623, L13.
  54. A Photometric Method to Search for Be Stars in Open Clusters M.V. McSwain and D.R. Gies, 2005, ApJ, 622, 1052.
  55. Planets and Infrared Excesses: Preliminary Results from a Spitzer MIPS Survey of Solar-Type Stars C.A. Beichman, G. Bryden, G.H. Rieke, J.A. Stansberry, D.E. Trilling, K.R. Stapelfeldt, M.W. Werner, C.W. Engelbracht, M.Blaylock, K.D. Gordon, C.H. Chen, K.Y.L. Su, D.C. Hines, 2005, ApJ, 622, 1160.
  56. A Catalog of Temperatures and Red Cousins Photometry for the Hyades B.J. Taylor and M.D. Joner, 2005, ApJS, 159, 100.
  57. Atomic and Molecular Gas in Colliding Galaxy Systems. I. The Data D. Iono, M.S. Yun, P.T.P. Ho, 2005, ApJS, 158, 1.
  58. An Atlas of Warm Active Galactic Nuclei and Starbursts from the IRAS Deep Fields W.C. Keel, B.K. Irby, A. May, G.K. Miley, D. Golombek, M.H.K. de Grijp, J.F. Gallimore, 2005, ApJS, 139, 160.
  59. Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of the WR 38/WR 38a Cluster D.J. Wallace, D.R. Gies, A.F.J. Moffat, M.M. Shara, V.S. Nimela, 2005, AJ, 130, 126.
  60. Cepheus OB2: Disk Evolution and Accretion at 3-10 Myr A. Sicilia-Aguilar, L.W. Hartmann, J. Hernandez, C. Briceno, N. Calvert, 2005, AJ, 130, 188.
  61. Stars in the USNO-B1 Catalog with Proper Motions Between 1.0 and 5.0 Arcseconds per Year S.E. Levine, 2005, AJ, 130, 319.
  62. The Solar Neighborhood. XIV. Parallaxes from the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory Parallax Investigation--First Results from the 1.5m Telescope Program E. Costa, R.A. Mendez, W.-C. Jao, T.J. Henry, J.P. Subasavage, M.A. Brown, P.A. Ianna, J. Bartlett, 2005, AJ, 130, 337.
  63. Jet-Gas Iinteraction in Markarian 78. II. Ionization Mechanisms M. Whittle, D.J. Rosario, J.D. Silverman, C.H. Nelson, A.S. Wilson, 2005, AJ, 129, 104.
  64. Abundances of Red Giants in Old Open Cclusters. II. Berkeley 17 E.D. Friel, H.R. Jacobson, C.A. Pilachowski, 2005 AJ, 129, 2725.
  65. Three Li-Rich K Giants: IRAS 12327-6523, 13539-4153, and 17596-3952 B.E. Reddy and D.L. Lambert, 2005, AJ, 129, 2831.
  66. Multiplicity Among Widely Separated Brown Dwarf Companions to Nearby Stars: Gliese 337CD A.J. Burgasser, J.D. Kirkpatrick, P.J. Lowrance, 2005, AJ, 129, 2849.
  67. BVI Photometric Variability Survey of M3 J.D. Harmann, J. Kaluzny, A. Szentfyorgyi, K.Z. Stanek, 2005, AJ, 129, 1596.
  68. A Complete Multiwavelength Characterization of Faint Chandra X-Ray Sources Seen in the Spitzer Wide-Area Infrared Eextragalactic (SWIRE) Survey A. Franceschini, et al., 2005, AJ, 129, 2074.
  69. The Cusp/Core Problem in Galactic Halos: Long-Slit Spectra for a Large Dwarf Galaxy Sample K. Spekkens, R. Giovanelli, M.P. Haynes, 2005, AJ, 129, 2119.
  70. A Search for Substellar Companions Around 15 Weak-Lined T Tauri Stars with the Planetary Camera 2 of the Hubble Space Telescope A. Massarotti, D.W. Latham, G. Torres, R.A. Brown, B.D. Oppenheimer, 2005, AJ, 129, 2294.
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