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2MASS Science Publications

AAS and Other Abstracts

  1. Unusual Cataclysmic Variable in Hercules, S. Nakano et al., 2004, IAUC 8363.

  2. V1647 Orionis = IRAS 05436-0007, S. Vig et al., 2004, IAUC 8354.

  3. A possible near-infrared/optical counterpart to the new ISGRI source IGR J07597-384, M. Molina et al., 2004, ATel 263.

  4. IRAS 05436-0007, W.D. Vacca, M.C. Cushing, J.T. Rayner, & T. Simon, 2004, IAUC 8301.

  5. Possible radio, IR and soft X-ray counterpart of IGR J18027-1455, J.A. Combi, M. Ribo, I.F. Mirabel, 2004, ATel 246.

  6. IRAS 05436-0007, C. Aspin & B. Reipurth, 2004, IAUC 8289.

  7. Supernova 2004C in NGC 3683, C.C. Dudley & J. Fischer, 2004, IAUC 8269.

  8. Igr J17464-3213 = XTE J17464-3213, D. Baba, T. Nagata, I. Iwata, T. Kato, H. Yamaoka, 2003, IAUC 8112.

  9. On Two Unstudied Large-Amplitude Variables DT Sco and DV Sco, E.N. Pastukhova & N.N. Samus, 2003, IBVS, 5448, 1.

  10. The Reddest Quasars -- Further Observations of the ``Red Menace", M. Lacy, M.D. Gregg, R.H. Becker, R.L. White, E. Glikman, D.J. Helfand, 2002, BAAS, 200, #05.03.

  11. Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Near-Infrared-Selected QSOs, P.S. Smith, E.M. Huff, G.D. Schmidt, D.C. Hines, R.M. Cutri, B.O. Nelson, B.J. Wilkes, 2002, BAAS, 200, #05.04.

  12. Broad-line, X-ray Faint AGN: A New Population, H. Ghosh, B.J.Wilkes, R.M. Cutri, D.C. Hines, B. Nelson, G.D. Schmidt, P.S. Smith, 2002, BAAS, 200, #05.11.

  13. Comparing Large Aperture Fluxes to 2MASS XSC Fluxes, L.R. Levenson & E.L. Wright (UCLA), 2002, BAAS, 200, #06.02.

  14. First T Dwarf Discoveries from the 2MASS/Lick All-Sky T Dwarf Search, M.W. McElwain, A.J. Burgasser, J.D. Kirkpatrick, 2002, BAAS, 200, #11.03.

  15. Three Binary T Dwarfs Identified with HST and Keck, A.J. Burgasser, J.D. Kirkpatrick, M.E. Brown, 2002, BAAS, 200, #11.05.

  16. Near-Infrared Properties of the KISS Emission-Line Galaxies, S.M. Chung, A. Jangren, J.J. Salzer, 2002, BAAS, 200, #40.04.

  17. Pre-mainsequence candidates among F stars with uvby and 2MASS photometry, A.A. Suchkov (STScI), 2002, BAAS, 200, #71.11.

  18. Dust Extinction and the Structure of Lynds Dark Nebula 781, E.J. Murphy, T.L. Huard, C.J. Lada, J. Alves, 2002, BAAS, #73.02.

  19. Peculiar Variable in Monoceros, T. Kato (Kyoto U.), H. Yamaoka, S. Kiyota, 2002, IAUC 7786.

  20. Mapping by starlight: Large scale maps of molecular clouds, J. Alves & M. Lombardi, 2001, AAS, 199, 14905.

  21. X-ray Properties of Red AGN Found by 2MASS, H. Ghosh, B.J. Wilkes, R.M. Cutri, D.C. Hines, B. Nelson, G.D. Schmidt, & P.S. Smith, 2001, AAS, 199, 13816.

  22. Effective Temperatures Teff for Main Sequence A stars and Blue Horizontal Branch (BHB) stars using 2MASS, T.D. Kinman & L.R. Miller, 2001, AAS, 199, 13506.

  23. 7000 Galactic Carbon Stars and Counting, D.J. MacConnell, 2001, AAS, 199, 13003.

  24. Luyten High Proper Motion Stars in 2MASS and SDSS, A. Gould & S. Salim, 2001, AAS, 199, 12905.

  25. Spatial Structure of Young Star Clusters, W.P. Chen & J.W. Chen, 2001, AAS, 199, 9610.

  26. The HK-II Survey: A New Search for Cooler, Extremely Metal-Deficient Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, J. Rhee, T.C. Beers, M.J. Irwin, 2001, AAS, 199, 9108.

  27. Inferring Milky Way Structure from 2MASS-Selected Carbon Stars, M.F. Skrutskie, T.J. Reber, N.W. Murphy, M.D. Weinberg, 2001, AAS, 199, 9104.

  28. T Tauri and Chromospherically Active Stars in the SDSS I: Photometric Selection and First Results, P.M. McGehee, S.L. Hawley, Z. Ivezic, 2001, AAS, 199, 8901.

  29. The UMass/Columbia Galactic Center Chandra Survey: Multiwavelength Counterparts of X-ray Sources, C.C. Lang, Q.D. Wang, E.V. Gotthelf, 2001, AAS, 199, 8501.

  30. Infrared Mass-to-Light Profile throughout the Infall Region of the Coma Cluster, K. Rines, M.J. Geller, M.J. Kurtz, A. Diaferio, T.H. Jarrett, & J.P. Huchra, 2001, AAS, 199, 6903.

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  34. Spectral Analysis of L Dwarfs Using PHOENIX, A. Schweitzer et al., 2001, AAS, 199, 6103.

  35. The Mass Function and Structure of the Praesepe Cluster: Additional Proper Motion Candidates, J.D. Adams et al., 2001, AAS, 199, 5703.

  36. WIYN Open Cluster Study: The Absolute K Band Magnitude of the Red Clump as a Distance Indicator, A.J. Grocholski, A. Sarajedini, 2001, AAS, 199, 5612.

  37. Geometry of the LMC Disk: Results from MACHO and 2MASS, S. Nikolaev et al., 2001, AAS, 199, 5404.

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  39. A New Near and Mid Infrared Diagnostic for Dust in AGN, V. Gorjian, M.W. Werner, D.M Cole, M.E. Ressler, 2001, AAS, 199, 4301.

  40. Tentative Detection of Small Scale Structure of Cosmic Infrared Background from Long Exposure 2MASS Fields, A. Kashlinksy, S. Odenwald, J. Mather, M. Skrutskie, R. Cutri, 2001, AAS, 199, 3405.

  41. Classifying High Energy Sources with ClassX, T. McGlynn et al., 2001, AAS, 199, 1016.

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