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2MASS Science Publications

Papers submitted to refereed journals

  1. The 2MASS Galaxy Angular Power Spectrum: Probing the Galaxy Distribution to Gigaparsec Scales W.J. Frith, P.J. Outram, T. Shanks. 2005, MNRAS, submitted.
  2. The Dipole Anisotropy of the 2 Micron All-Sky Redshift Survey, P. Erdogdu, J.P. Huchra, O. Lahav, M. Colless, R.M. Cutri, E. Falco, T. George, T. Jarrett, D. H. Jones, C.S. Kochanek, L. Macri, J. Mader, N. Martimbeau, M. Pahre, Q. Parker, A. Rassat, W. Saunders, , 2005, MNRAS, submitted.
  3. Spectral Indications of thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in Archeops and WMAP Data, C. Hernandez-Monteagudo, J.F. Macias-Perez, M. Tristram, F.-X. Desert, 2005, AsAp, submitted.
  4. Optical Identification of IGR J19140+0951 J.J.M. in 't Zand, P.G. Jonker, G. Nelemans, 2005, AsAp, submitted.
  5. The Luminosity Function of X-ray Point Sources in Centaurus A R. Voss, M. Gilfanov, 2005, AsAp, submitted.
  6. V4332 Sagittarii Revisited, R. Tylenda, L. A. Crause, S. K. Gorny, M. R. Schmidt, 2005, AsAp, submitted.
  7. Cool Customers in the Stellar Graveyard I: Limits to Extrasolar Planets Around the White Dwarf G29-38, J.H. Debes, S. Sigurdsson, B. Woodgate, 2005, ApJ, submitted.
  8. The Colours of Elliptical Galaxies, R. Chang, A. Gallazzi, G. Kauffmann, S. Charlot, Z. Ivezi\'c, J. Brinchmann, T.M. Heckman, 2005, MNRAS, submitted.
  9. A Test for the Universality of Extinction Curve Shape, A. Geminale, P. Popowski, 2005, MNRAS, submitted.
  10. Cross Correlations of X-ray and Optically Selected Clusters With Near Infrared and Optical Galaxies, A.G. Sanchez, D.G. Lambas, H. Boehringer, P. Schuecker, 2005, MNRAS, submitted.
  11. Scaling Relations of Local Spiral Galaxies.I. Observational Foundations, S. Courteau, L.A. MacArthur, A. Dekel, F. van den Bosch, D.H. McIntosh, D. Dale ., 2003, ApJ, submitted.
  12. DIRBE Minus 2MASS: the Cosmic Infrared Background at 3.5 Microns, E.L. Wright & B.D. Johnson (UCLA), 2001, ApJ, submitted.

  13. Flaring and Warping of the Milky Way Disk: Not Only in the Gas, C. Alard (IAP), 2001, MNRAS, submitted.

  14. 2MASS Discovery of a Nearby Spiral Galaxy in Puppis, E. M. Howard (UMass), 2001, AJ, submitted.


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