IV. 2MASS Data Processing

1. Processing Pipeline Overview

a. Data Processing Strategy

Data processing for 2MASS was conducted using the highly automated 2MASS Production Processing System (2MAPPS) which converted each night's raw imaging data from each telescope into calibrated images and extracted source lists.

Processing was done in two stages. Preliminary processing was carried out while the Survey was ongoing using a version of 2MAPPS (v2.x) that was allowed to evolve and improve continuously as our knowledge of the telescopes, cameras, detectors, atmosphere and the near infrared sky improved. The 2MASS Sampler, First and Second Incremental Data Releases were derived from the results of the preliminary data processing. A second, complete reprocessing of all Survey data following the completion of the Survey observations was performed, and enabled all data to be reduced using a single, stable software platform, 2MAPPS v3.0. 2MAPPS v3.0 incorporated lessons learned during the preliminary processing and feedback provided by users of the Incremental Data Release products. It also made use of reference datasets not available earlier, such as the Tycho 2 astrometric reference catalog, and information gathered from analysis of the complete survey data set. 2MAPPS v3.0 also contained numerous upgrades that improved the general quality and yield of data from the survey. Finally, 2MAPPS v3.0 included more extensive Quality Assurance tied explicitly to metrics derived from scientific investigations of the data.

An overview of the basic processing steps are given below in Section b, and a summary of the improvements incorporated into 2MAPPS v3.0 for final data processing are given in Section c. Sections IV.2-10 provide a detailed description of data processing algorithms and results.

b. Nightly Data Processing Steps

Approximately 17 GB of raw digital image data were acquired each clear night at the 2MASS observatories. These data were written to DLT tape (one tape per observatory per night) and transported to the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC). At IPAC, the observatory data tapes were read and validated, and the data were reduced using the 2MASS Production Processing System (2MAPPS). 2MAPPS was designed to exploit the Survey's innovative data acquisition techniques to produce image, point and extended source data.

The 2MAPPS High Level Flowchart (Figure 1) illustrates the basic components of the 2MAPPS system. Data from one night and one observatory were processed as a unit. For each telescope-night, each 1° calibration or 6° survey scan was processed individually, with the J, H and Ks frame data in each scan processed in parallel. Scan data processing within 2MAPPS was a linear process with the output of each step being the input for each subsequent step. Iterations were held to a minimum for efficiency.

Figure 1

The basic scan processing steps are the same for calibration and survey scans, and are as follows:

Once all scan processing for data taken at one observatory in one night is completed, post-scan-processing is carried out. The nightly post-scan-processing steps include:

Pipeline processing yields lists of band-merged, photometrically and astrometrically calibrated point and extended source "detections" from each Survey and Calibration scan. These lists are accumulated into the Point Source and Extended Source Working Databases from which the 2MASS Point and Extended Source Catalogs are drawn. The process of generating the Catalogs from the Working Databases is described in Section V.

Final 2MASS Survey data processing using 2MAPPS v3.0 began on 2 August 2001 and was completed on 6 February 2002. All Survey data acquired under photometric conditions were included in the final processing. This included scans of 70,712 Tiles taken on 1415 survey nights (691 northern and 750 southern) spanning 7 June 1997 UT to 15 February 2001 UT. The final processing Working Databases contain 1,314,981,867 Point and 2,590,500 Extended source extractions, and an Atlas of 4,879,128 calibrated FITS images

c. Improvements Incorporated in Final Processing (2MAPPS v3.0)

The following list summarizes the major improvements relative to earlier versions that were incorporated in 2MAPPS v3.0. Because of these improvements, the quality of the 2MASS All-Sky Release data products surpass those from the Incremental Releases, and the All-Sky products are designed to supersede the products from the earlier releases.

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