BOLOCAM is the millimeter-wavelength bolometer array camera designed for mapping large fields at fast scan rates, without chopping, at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO).

The Bolocam Lockman Hole Millimeter-Wave Galaxy Survey:
Galaxy Candidates and Number Counts

A deep 1.1 mm survey using Bolocam of the Lockman Hole, producing a map and galaxy candidate list. This survey encompasses 324 square arcmin to an rms noise level (filtered for point sources) of 1.4 mJy/beam. This project is described by Laurent et al., ApJ, 2005. Its data can be viewed with the IRSA Data Collection Explorer.

The Lockman FITS data file contains 6 image extensions (EXT). Note, only the primary extension (HDU 0) contains a full set of FITS World Coordinate System (WCS) header keywords. The image extensions are as follows:

  • EXT 0 = Map = Flux density (mJy)
  • EXT 1 = RA = RA (J2000.0) of each pixel
  • EXT 2 = DEC = Declination (J2000.0) of each pixel
  • EXT 3 = Map Error = Flux density uncertainty (mJy)
  • EXT 4 = Map coverage = Amount of time in each pixel (in seconds/50 -- i.e. a value of 50 = 1 second)
  • EXT 5 = Optical Filter Map = Optimally (Wiener) filtered map (mJy)

Download the Bolocam LH data (FITS file).

Click the JPEG image to download the Lockman FITS file, with 6 extensions (2 MB).
Download FITS file

Caltech Logo CASA Logo BOLOCAM was supported in part by NSF grants AST 00-98737, AST 99-80846, and AST 02-06158 and PPARC grants PPA/Y/S/2000/00101 and PPA/G/O/2002/00015. For acknowledgment of BOLOCAM Lockman Hole data, please cite Laurent et al., ApJ, 2005. as well as the standard IRSA acknowledgment text.