Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey (BGPS) Data Access
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The Bolocam GPS coverage is overlayed on the all-sky ISSA image above. Data from the v1 release are shown in blue, additional data from the v2 release are shown in red. SHARC-II map coverage is shown in cyan. You can get cutouts of Bolocam mosaics by clicking on any area on the above image, or by typing a coordinate below.
Target Selection Single Object
(Name or Coords)
Table Upload
(Multi Object) Instructions
Size (deg):
[maximum 12.5]
Images must cover coordinate
Source Search Radius:
[maximum 6.25 deg]
Search Whole Region
Coordinate Examples:
  • 0 0 gal
  • 10.280 -0.200 gal
  • 33.216 0.026 gal
  • 81.718 0.636 gal
Default: Equatorial J2000
Documentation is available for all aspects of the Bolocam GPS data set:
If you use Bolocam GPS data, please cite the appropriate reference: Ginsburg et al. (2013) for BGPS v2.1 data; Merello et al. (2015) for SHARC-II maps; Ellsworth-Bowers et al. (2015) for the distance catalog/DPDFs; Rosolowsky et al. (2010) and Aguirre et al. (2011) for BGPS v1 data.
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Also available is a Program Interface to Atlas.