COSMOS VLA 327 MHz Catalog Column Descriptions


The 90 cm Very Large Array imaging of the COSMOS field comprises a circular area of 3.14 square degrees at 8.0 arcsec by 6.0 arcsec angular resolution with an average rms of 0.5 mJy/beam. The extracted catalogue contains 182 sources (down to 5.5 sigma), 30 of which are multicomponent sources. If you use this catalog please cite Smolcic et al. (2014).

Name Intype Units Description
srcid char Source name
ra float degree Right Ascension (J2000)
dec float degree Declination (J2000)
cra char hh_mm_ss.sss RA in hms
cdec char Dec in dms
er_ra float arcsec Uncertainty in RA
er_dec float arcsec Uncertainty in Dec
fp float mJy 327 MHz peak surface brightness of source
fperr float mJy Uncertainty on peak flux
flux float mJy Integrated source flux density
ferr float mJy Uncertainty on integrated source flux
rms_bg float mJy Measured local rms at the radio source position
bmaj float arcsec Deconvolved source size - major axis
bmin float arcsec Deconvolved source size - minor axis
pa float degree Deconvolved source size - position angle
res int Flag for resolved source: 0 is unresolved, 1 is resolved
mult int Flag for multi-component source: 0 is not multi-component, 1 is multi-component
name20 char 20cm name
Fp20 float mJy 20cm peak surface brightness of source
Ft20 float mJy 20cm integrated source flux density
sep float arcsec 20-90cm separation