The Extended IRAS Galaxy Atlas

The EIGA is an extension of the original IGA to b = 6.7° High resolution images at 60 um and 100 um have been produced to match the latitude coverage of radio continuum observations obtained as part of the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS).


The Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) carried out a nearly complete survey of the infrared sky, and the survey data are important for the study of many astrophysical phenomena. However, many data sets at other wavelengths have higher resolutions than that of the co-added IRAS maps, and high resolution IRAS images are strongly desired both for their own information content and their usefulness in correlation studies. In particular the typical 1' resolution of the HIRES atlas images is ideal for comparison with data from the numerous radio surveys of the Galactic plane currently underway.

IGA images were incorporated into the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey as a far-infrared data set to complement the radio continuum and molecular line data. Since the IGA has a high-latitude cutoff of b=4.7° the initial CGPS mosaics constructed using the IGA had a blank strip at high latitudes. In order to match the infrared coverage of the CGPS with the radio continuum coverage a high-latitude extension (to b = 6.7°) of the IGA was constructed covering approximately 75° < l < 148°


  • Charles R. Kerton, Iowa State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Peter G. Martin, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Toronto


  • CADC Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (for CGPS data)
  • IPAC Infrared Processing and Analysis Center
  • IGPS International Galactic Plane Survey