Herschel Dust, Ice, and Gas in Time (DIGIT) Overview
DIGIT Overview DIGIT Primary Data Access


The "Dust, Ice, and Gas in Time" (DIGIT Key Project), "FU Orionis Objects Surveyed with Herschel" (FOOSH OT1), and "CO in Protostars" (COPS OT2) Herschel programs observed 70 protostars, young stellar objects, and FU Orionis objects with the Herschel PACS and SPIRE spectrometers. For simplicity, all three programs are referred to as "DIGIT" here and in the documentation.

If you use DIGIT data, please cite the journal articles Cieza et al. (2013) for the weak-line T Tauri star sample and Green et al. (2013) for the embedded protostar sample, as well as the dataset Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.26131/IRSA508.

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Data Set Characteristics

Data ProductDescriptionData Access
Spectra Herschel PACS: 50-210 microns
Herschel SPIRE: 194-690 microns

DIGIT Documentation

DIGIT Delivery Document
See Section 6 for File Description, especially Fig. 9.