DUNES Catalog Definitions


DUst around NEarby Stars (DUNES, Eiroa et al. 2013) is a Herschel open time deep key program to perform a deep and systematic survey for faint, cold debris disks. A sample of 133 nearby (d<25 pc) main sequence stars between 0.2 and 2 solar masses were observed with PACS and SPIRE.

The DUNES catalog provides Herschel photometry, links to the Herschel images and SED plot, as well as quantities from ancillary data and other missions.

Name Intype Units Description
id int Hipparcos ID
ra double deg J2000.0 right ascension
dec double deg J2000.0 declination
f70 float mJy 70 um photometry
f70err float mJy 70 um photometry error
phot70 float mJy 70 um predicted photospheric flux
f100 float mJy 100 um photometry
f100err float mJy 100 um photometry error
phot100 float mJy 100 um predicted photospheric flux
f160 float mJy 160 um photometry
f160err float mJy 160 um photometry error
phot160 float mJy 160 um predicted photospheric flux
f160lim int 160um Upper limit? (1=yes, 0=no)
f250 float mJy 250 um photometry
f250err float mJy 250 um photometry error
phot250 float mJy 250 um predicted photospheric flux
f250lim int 250um Upper limit? (1=yes, 0=no)
f350 float mJy 350 um photometry
f350err float mJy 350 um photometry error
phot350 float mJy 350 um predicted photospheric flux
f350lim int 350um Upper limit? (1=yes, 0=no)
f500 float mJy 500 um photometry
f500err float mJy 500 um photometry error
phot500 float mJy 500 um predicted photospheric flux
f500lim int 500um Upper limit? (1=yes, 0=no)
OBSID70_1 long Herschel OBSID for 70um scan observation
OBSID70_2 long Herschel OBSID for 70 um cross-scan observation
OBSID100_1 long Herschel OBSID for 100um scan observation
OBSID100_2 long Herschel OBSID for 100 um cross-scan observation
SpType char Spectral Type
SpRange char Spectral Type range (error)
plx float mas Parallax
from the Hipparcos catalog, van Leeuwen (2007)
plxErr float mas Parallax Error
dist float pc Distance
Teff int K Effective Temperature
see Eiroa et al. (2013) for references for stellar parameters
Logg float dex log10 of surface gravity
FeH float dex Metallicity from [Fe/H]
Vsini float km.s Rotation velocity
Lbol float Lsun Bolometric Luminosity
logLXb float dex log10 of X-ray to bolometric luminosity ratio
limAgeX char Upper/Lower limit on X-ray Age
AgeX float Gyr Age from X-ray flux
logRHK float dex log10 of CaII index
Age2 float Gyr Age from logRHK
V float mag Johnson V magnitude
BVI photometry from the Hipparcos catalog
B_V float mag Johnson B-V color
V_I float mag Johnson-Cousins V-I color
b_y float mag Stroemgren b-y color
Stroemgren photometry from Hauck & Mermilliod (1998)
m1 float Stroemgren m1 color
c1 float Stroemgren c1 color
J float mag 2MASS J magnitude
H float mag 2MASS H magnitude
Ks float mag 2MASS K magnitude
S9 float Jy AKARI 9um flux
S18 float Jy AKARI 18um flux
WISE1 float Jy WISE 3.35 micron flux
WISE3 float Jy WISE 11.56 micron flux
WISE4 float Jy WISE 22.09 micron flux
IRAS12 float Jy IRAS 12um flux
IRAS25 float Jy IRAS 25um flux
IRAS60 float Jy IRAS 60um flux
MIPS24 float Jy Spitzer/MIPS 24um flux
MIPS70 float Jy Spitzer/MIPS 70um flux
fits70 char link to 70um image
fits100 char link to 100um image
fits160 char link to 160um image
sedplot char link to SED plot file
fits250 char link to 250um image
fits350 char link to 350um image
fits500 char link to 500um image