Galactic Observations of Terahertz C+ (GOT Cplus)
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Herschel data from the "Galactic Observations of Terahertz C+" (GOT Cplus) Open Time Key Program (KPOT_wlanger_1) are available here using spatial and visualization tools. GOT Cplus surveyed the Galactic Plane in the 158 micron (1.9 THz) fine structure transition of [CII] using Herschel's HIFI instrument. GOT Cplus is a sparse survey containing 454 lines of sight throughout the Galactic Disk, plus two position-velocity maps across the Galactic center.

If you use GOT Cplus data, please cite Langer et al. (2014) and Pineda et al. (2013). The OTF (on-the-fly) position-velocity maps of the Central Molecular Zone are described in Langer et al. (2017).

Data Set Characteristics

Data ProductDescriptionData Access
Spectra Herschel HIFI Band 7: 1.9 THz (157.74 microns)
OTF Position-Velocity Maps Herschel HIFI Band 7: 1.9 THz (157.74 microns)

GOT Cplus Documentation

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