Herschel observations of EXtra-Ordinary Sources README

HIFI bands cover the following frequency ranges:
487.6-553.4 GHz562.6-628.4 GHz634.1-717.9 GHz722.1-793.9 GHz807.1-851.9 GHz866.1-952.9 GHz957.2-1052.8 GHz1054.7-1113.8 GHz1116.2-1235.8 GHz1235.2-1271.8 GHz1430.2-1557.8 GHz1578.2-1697.8 GHz1701.2-1793.8 GHz1793.2-1901.8 GHz

The HEXOS data are organized into seven directories, each representing a different molecular cloud as follows:

  • orionb/ [Orion Bar]
  • orionkl/ [Orion Kleinmann-Low nebula]
  • orionkl_maps/ [Orion Kleinmann-Low nebula maps]
  • orions/ [Orion South]
  • sgrb2m/ [Sagittarius B2(M)]
  • sgrb2n/ [Sagittarius B2(N)]
  • sgrb2s/ [Sagittarius B2(S)]
Each directory has a data/ subdirectory, which contains HIFI spectra in both IPAC Table format (ascii/) and in FITS format (fits/). The Orion Kleinmann-Low nebula (orionkl) also has model fits in the model/ subdirectory. The Orion KL Maps and Sgr B2(S) data are provided as tar files only.

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