Herschel Oxygen Project (HOP), PI: Goldsmith

The Herschel Oxygen Project (HOP) is Herschel Open Time Key Program (KPOT_pgolds01_1). The main goal of HOP was to use HIFI to probe a range of molecular cloud environments to detect molecular oxygen. The three strongest transitions in the range covered by HIFI from energy levels lower than 120 K above the ground state were selected (487.3 GHz, 773.8 GHz and 1120.7 GHz) for the following targets: Sgr A, Sgr B2(S), OMC-1(Peak 1), Orion Bar, rho Oph A, NGC 1333 IRAS 4A, NGC 6334I and AFGL 2591. Both single LOs and Spectral scans are available.

This program also provides a spectral map of rhoOph. The spectra are provided at the four positions indicated in Liseau et al. (2012).

Quick Search for HOP Fields
307.352917 40.188611
52.29375 31.225278
260.222083 -35.783333
OMC-1 (Peak 1)
83.807083 -5.369167
Orion Bar
83.835833 -5.420556
rho Oph A
246.607083 -24.39000
Sgr A
266.465417 -28.985833
Sgr B2
266.834583 -28.395278
The complete dataset can be downloaded here.

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