Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey (HeVICS) Data Access
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You can get a close-up map of a region by clicking on any area on the above IRAS 12 micron image, or by typing a coordinate below. Herschel image coverage is shown in red.
Target Selection Single Object
(Name or Coords)
Table Upload
(Multi Object) Instructions
Size (deg):
[maximum 12.5]
Images must cover coordinate
Source Search Radius:
[maximum 6.25 deg]
Search Whole Region
Coordinate Examples:
  • 187.7059304 12.3911231 eq
  • 283.7777978 74.4911308 ga
  • 182.0592608 14.4166861 ecl
Default: Equatorial J2000

Note: Searches will show both multi-image cubes and the corresponding individual images, the latter having labels of img (science image), err (uncertainty image), or cov (coverage image).

If you use HeVICS data, please cite Davies et al. (2010).
Click here for more information and instructions on using Atlas Instructions
Also available is a Program Interface to Atlas.