PACS imaging:
PACS imaging in the form of FITS data cubes are available for 60 of the 61 KINGFISH galaxies (the exception is NGC0584). The filename convention is:
[galaxy name]_scanamorphos_v16.9_pacs[wavelength in microns]_0.fits
Here wavelength in microns can be one of 70, 100, or 160. JPGs are also available for each PACS image.

PACS Spectroscopy:
PACS spectroscopy is available for 54 of the 61 KINGFISH galaxies. Each of these 54 galaxies has a multi-extension FITS data cube and a multi-extension FITS map for each spectral line observed. The filename conventions are:
data cubes: [galaxy name]_[line]_cube.fits
maps: [galaxy name]_[line]_m0.fits
spectral line name can be one of OI, OIII, NII122, CII, or NII205. JPGS are also available for each map.

SPIRE imaging:
SPIRE imaging is available for each of the 61 KINGFISH galaxies. For each galaxy, there are 18 FITS files, representing two map processing methods, three wavelengths, and three data types. The filename convention is:
[galaxy name]_kingfish_spire[wavelength in microns]_v3-0_[hipe/scan][.unc, for uncertainty maps; .cov, for coverage maps].fits

JPGs are also available for each science image.