MESS Herschel Data
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Herschel data from the "Mass-loss of Evolved StarS" (MESS) Guaranteed-Time Key Program are available here. IRSA is serving the MESS PACS imaging of 108 evolved stars. This is Herschel program KPGT_mgroen01_1.
The sample of AGB stars has been selected to cover all chemical types (M-, S-, C-stars), variability types (irregular, semi-regular, Miras) and periods, and mass-loss rates. Stars have been selected to have high IRAS fluxes and low background levels.
There are several search options:
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  • Download all of the MESS data (6.5 GB).
The canonical paper for MESS is Groenewegen et al. (2011).
Access other Herschel datasets at IRSA.
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  • NGC6543
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