Herschel SPIRE Spectroscopy of Protoplanetary Disks (PPDISKS) Data Access
PPDISKS Overview PPDISKS Primary Data Access
You can access PPDISKS data by clicking on a red square in the above IRAS 100 micron image, or by typing in the coordinates below.
Target Selection Single Object
(Name or Coords)
Table Upload
(Multi Object) Instructions
Source Search Radius:
[maximum 6.25 deg]
Coordinate Examples:
  • 165.467319 -34.704820 eq
  • 278.67961578 22.95495171 ga
  • 182.67683399 -37.18746276 ecl
Default: Equatorial J2000
If you use PPDISKS data, please cite van der Wiel et al. (2014).
Click here for more information and instructions on using Atlas Instructions
Also available is a Program Interface to Atlas.