Herschel Observations of Small Bodies: Near and Far (SBNAF)
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Small Bodies: Near And Far (SBNAF) is a multi-wavelength program designed to characterize Near-Earth, Main-Belt, and Trans-Neptunian objects. Provided here are Herschel PACS (70, 100, and 160 micron) images of five Near-Earth Objects: Bennu, 1996 FG3, 2005 YU 55, Ryugu, and Apophis, and four Main Belt Asteroids: Vesta, Flora, Melpomene, and Steins.

If you use SBNAF data, please cite the appropriate paper listed in the documentation.

Data Set Characteristics

Data ProductDescriptionData Access
Images Herschel PACS (70, 100, 160 microns)

SBNAF Documentation

SBNAF Delivery Document - NEOs
SBNAF Delivery Document - MBAs