About Planck Data Release 1

The Planck Data Release 1 (DR1) products are based on the nominal mission which comprises data acquired between August 13 2009 and November 26 2010. Planck is an ESA mission with significant NASA involvement. DR1 is described in the Explanatory Supplement which is available as a PDF file via direct download from the IRSA Planck mission page or via a a local copy of the ESA wiki page.

December 2013: Updates to several DR1 files were released:

In addition, the following new files were added to the archive:

August 2013: An update to the EffConv software (v1.1) was released. The new version addresses compilation issues on certain platforms but has identical functionality to v1.0. Also, the actspt likelihoods file was released. The actspt likelihood covers the multipoles 1500 to 10000 for Temperature.

The NASA Planck Archive, which is served by the InfraRed Science Archive (IRSA) at NASA's Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC), contains the following DR1 products along with supplemental data and tools: