BOLOCAM Galaxy Cluster Archive

This interface provides access to the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory data corresponding to 46 galaxy clusters which have been observed by Bolocam at 2.1mm. 25 of these clusters are part of the CLASH sample whose data can be accessed here.

The files that are visualized for each cluster correspond to the unfiltered Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect (SZ) decrement image, the data-reduction-pipeline filtered SZ image, and an image of the best-fit generalized Navarro, Frenk & White (gNFW) profile fit to the SZ image. We note that prior to Aug 20, 2015, the gnfw_fit_map was inaccurately rotated by 90 degrees clockwise; this has now been corrected.

In addition, measurements of the noise in the data, the signal transfer function of the data reduction pipeline filtering and the bootstrap Monte-Carlo output from the gNFW fits are available in the tarball that can be downloaded for each cluster. If using these data please reference J. Sayers et al. 2013, ApJ, 768, 177. A full description of the tarball contents can be found in the README file. The data can be viewed with the IRSA Data Collection Explorer.

Cluster Name RA DEC Tarball Unfiltered_image, Filtered_Image, and gNFW_fit_map
ABELL 2744 00:14:15.96 -30:23:31.13Tarfile
MACS J0018.5+1626 00:18:33.30 +16:26:04.00Tarfile
MACS J0025.4-1222 00:25:27.44 -12:22:28.32Tarfile
ZwCl 0024.0+1652 00:26:36.00 +17:09:45.36Tarfile
ABELL 0209 01:31:52.59 -13:36:39.38Tarfile
ABELL 0267 01:52:42.30 +01:00:25.96Tarfile
MCXC J0152.6-1358 01:52:43.00 -13:57:29.01Tarfile
ABELL 0370 02:39:52.80 -01:34:35.99Tarfile
ABELL 0383 02:48:03.36 -03:31:44.69Tarfile
MACS J0257.1-2325 02:57:09.10 -23:26:05.85Tarfile
MACS J0329.6-0211 03:29:41.68 -02:11:47.69Tarfile
MACS J0416.1-2403 04:16:08.38 -24:04:20.78Tarfile
MACS J0417.5-1154 04:17:34.91 -11:54:34.20Tarfile
MACS J0429.6-0253 04:29:36.09 -02:53:09.02Tarfile
MACS J0451.9+0006 04:51:55.00 +00:06:14.00Tarfile
MACS J0454.1-0300 04:54:10.80 -03:00:57.00Tarfile
MACS J0647.8+7015 06:47:50.27 +70:14:55.00Tarfile
MACS J0717.5+3745 07:17:31.40 +37:45:23.99Tarfile
MACS J0744.9+3927 07:44:52.80 +39:27:26.98Tarfile
ABELL 0611 08:00:56.50 +36:03:22.87Tarfile
ABELL 0697 08:42:57.80 +36:21:54.50Tarfile
MACS J0911.2+1746 09:11:11.10 +17:46:35.98Tarfile
ABELL 0963 10:17:03.60 +39:02:48.98Tarfile
MCXC J1056.9-0337 10:56:59.50 -03:37:27.99Tarfile
MACS J1115.8+0129 11:15:51.90 +01:29:55.10Tarfile
MACS J1149.6+2223 11:49:35.40 +22:24:05.00Tarfile
ABELL 1423 11:57:17.40 +33:36:40.00Tarfile
MACS J1206.2-0847 12:06:12.09 -08:48:04.39Tarfile
MCXC J1226.9+3332 12:26:58.00 +33:32:44.97Tarfile
MACS J1311.0-0311 13:11:01.70 -03:10:38.51Tarfile
ABELL 1689 13:11:29.50 -01:20:28.00Tarfile
MACS J1347.5-1144 13:47:30.50 -11:45:09.05Tarfile
ABELL 1835 14:01:02.00 +02:52:41.51Tarfile
MACS J1423.8+2404 14:23:47.70 +24:04:40.99Tarfile
MACS J1532.8+3021 15:32:53.78 +30:20:59.39Tarfile
ABELL 2204 16:32:45.00 +05:34:41.95Tarfile
ABELL 2219 16:40:20.30 +46:42:29.98Tarfile
MACS J1720.2+3536 17:20:15.50 +35:36:21.05Tarfile
ABELL 2261 17:22:26.90 +32:07:59.87Tarfile
MACS J1931.8-2635 19:31:49.62 -26:34:32.91Tarfile
MCXC J2056.3-0437 20:56:21.20 -04:37:47.86Tarfile
MACS J2129.4-0741 21:29:24.89 -07:41:43.91Tarfile
MCXC J2129.6+0005 21:29:39.94 +00:05:18.82Tarfile
MACS J2140.2-2339 21:40:15.17 -23:39:40.21Tarfile
MACS J2211.7-0349 22:11:45.90 -03:49:41.99Tarfile
MACS J2214.9-1400 22:14:58.40 -14:00:10.91Tarfile
ABELL S1063 22:48:43.95 -44:31:51.31Tarfile