Software for Analysis of Planck Public Data Release 2 Data

Here are a set of software tools that will facilitate use of the Planck Public Data Release 2 products. These tools work with the Time Ordered Information (TOI) data sets and with the Planck instrument beams.

More information and software tools for analysis and display of HEALPix maps can be found at

Click on the link in the first column to download a gzipped tarball (including documentation) of the program.

For questions or assistance with a particular product, please contact the IRSA Help Desk.

Map generation [Minimap] C version, T. Pearson at the U.S. Planck Data Center Dec 2014 Software that creates images of a region from FITS binary table downloaded TOIs
TOI handling for Solar System Objects Python version, E. Murphy at the U.S. Planck Data Center Aug 2015 Software that takes as input the ephemeris of an SSO from JPL/Horizons and interpolates its position at the time stamps corresponding to the Planck TOI.
Extract Effective Beams from Unformatted Beam Files IDL version, B. Rusholme at the U.S. Planck Data Center Dec 2014 Software that extracts the temperature and polarized effective beams for user-defined coordinates from the unformatted effective beam files.
Likelihoods C library with Python and F90 wrappers, Planck Collaboration 2015 Software for estimating likelihoods. The accompanying data files are:
Baseline With Lensing PLIK
Half Mission PLIK-Unbinned
HIRES W. Landry and E. Murphy, December 2015 Software to improve the resolution of Planck HFI images by factors of ~2. Download separately: Documentation, source code, or binaries.