About Planck Public Data Release 3

The IRSA Planck Public Data Release 3 (PR3) is the U.S. release of the mid-2018 ESA PR3 Planck data products. It primarily consists of data products resulting from a reprocessing of data taken during the full mission, with a particular emphasis on the polarization planes in the maps. Planck is an ESA mission with significant NASA involvement. PR3 is described in the Planck 2018 Release Explanatory Supplement which is available via the ESA Planck Legacy Archive wiki page.

Update July 2020:

In July 2020, the Planck archive had the following update:

The maps resulting from joint LFI and HFI processing, using the NPIPE pipeline were released on the Planck PR3 Ancillary Data page. These maps are an independent reprocessing of the Planck time ordered information which appears to reduce noise and systematics at all angular scales, while resulting in improved consistency across frequencies, particularly in polarization.

Release Overview:

The NASA Planck Archive, which is served by the InfraRed Science Archive (IRSA) at IPAC, contains the following PR3 products along with supplemental data and tools:

Operational DayUTC DateMJD
Survey 1 OD91 OD270 12-Aug-2009 14:12:57 08-Feb-2010 20:51:00 55055.592 55235.869
Survey 2 OD270 OD45608-Feb-2010 20:51:0612-Aug-2010 19:27:06 55235.869 55420.810
Survey 3 OD456 OD63612-Aug-2010 19:27:08 08-Feb-2011 20:55:36 55420.811 55600.872
Survey 4 OD636 OD80708-Feb-2011 20:55:3829-Jul-2011 17:13:08 55600.872 55771.717
Survey 5 OD807 OD99329-Jul-2011 17:13:1001-Feb-2012 05:25:59 55771.717 55958.226
End of HFI Data taking: 13-Jan-2012 14:53:38
Survey 6 OD993 OD117701-Feb-2012 05:26:0103-Aug-2012 16:48:51 55958.226 56142.701
Survey 7 OD1177 OD135803-Aug-2012 16:48:53 31-Jan-2013 10:32:08 56142.701 56323.439
Survey 8OD1358 OD154331-Jan-2013 10:32:10 03-Aug-2013 21:53:37 56323.439 56507.912
Survey 9 OD1543 OD160403-Aug-2013 21:53:39 03-Oct-2013 21:13:38 56507.912 56568.884
Instrument testOD1604OD161703-Oct-2013 21:13:40 17-Oct-2013 13:21:4956568.884 56582.557
Planck_shutdownOD1617 17-Oct-2013 13:21:49

ESA Planck Legacy Archive

The ESA Planck Legacy Archive provides an alternate way to access Data Products from the Planck mission. The ESA Planck Legacy archive may be accessed at: http://pla.esac.esa.int/pla.