SOFIA data from the High Speed Imaging Photometer for Occultations (HIPO) instrument can be downloaded from the following table. The instrument was retired in Feb. 2018; this is a complete list of all available data.


Flight SeriesFlightTargetsRaw data
OC0CF065 HD 144817, Tycho 4416-1, HD 188934, Feige 110 2011-06-21_HI_F065_raw.tar
OC0CF066 Pluto, SAO 127361 2011-06-23_HI_F066_raw.tar
OC0FF081 Orion Bar C, pi Per, alpha Oph, Orion Bar, 75 Cyg, W3-V, W3-I, W3-B, omega Psc, W3-R 2011-10-14_FP_F081_raw.tar
OC0FF082 kappa Gem, NGC 7027, 31 Leo, ES 8541, BS 0696, alpha Psa 2011-10-18_FP_F082_raw.tar
OC0FF083 60 Ori, M82, BS 0696, HIP 8486, zeta Cet, HIP 101911 2011-10-21_FP_F083_raw.tar
OC0FF084 HD 62146, W3, HD 16906, HD 17156, 75 Cyg 2011-10-25_FP_F084_raw.tar
OC0HF087 Scintillation-eps_Leo, rho Pup 2011-12-08_HI_F087_raw.tar
OC0HF089 rho Pup, zeta Cyg, alpha Hya, eps Leo, HD 85216 2011-12-15_HI_F089_raw.tar
OC0JF094 HIP 37037, rho Cep, sc_hip_25044, sc_hip_36773, sc_hip_105497 2013-01-24_HI_F094_raw.tar
OC0JF095 HIP 88830, M67, HIP 54833, Feige 56, SA 104, HIP 41833, GD 108, HIP 45880, HD 113284 2013-02-13_HI_F095_raw.tar
OC1EF134 HD 189733 2013-10-01_FP_F134_raw.tar
OC2AF144 HD 258439, SA 108-475 2014-02-13_FP_F144_raw.tar
OC2AF145 GJ1214, HD 50816 2014-02-15_FP_F145_raw.tar
OC2AF146 HD 73190, HD48481, SN 2014J, HD 29250 2014-02-19_FP_F146_raw.tar
OC2AF147 M47, HD 73190, SN 2014J, NGC 2024 2014-02-21_FP_F147_raw.tar
OC2AF148 Pallas, HIP 21682, RV Tau, HIP 38789, U Mon, SAO 107347, HD 200775-1, SN 2014J, NGC 2024 2014-02-25_FP_F148_raw.tar
OC2AF149 HD 71155, GJ 1214, HD 30762, HIP 30762, SN 2014J 2014-02-27_FP_F149_raw.tar
OC3EF222 Pluto 2015-06-28_FP_F222_raw.tar
OC3EF223 Pluto 2015-06-29_FP_F223_raw.tar
OC5LF436 Trappist-1, lam Umi 2017-10-02_FP_F436_raw.tar
OC5LF437 Triton Occultation Star (Tr20171005) 2017-10-04_FP_F437_raw.tar
OC5LF438 Triton Occultation Star (Tr20171005) 2017-10-05_FP_F438_raw.tar