Below is a list of videos on the SOFIA YouTube channel. The list is sorted by topic and then by alphabetically by video title. 

Aircraft Modifications and Testing

Air To Air Video of SOFIA Showing Airflow Patterns Over Telescope Cavity

FORCAST Camera Installed on SOFIA Telescope

Ground Support Crew Prepares SOFIA's Infrared Telescope for Baseline Operational Measurements

Lufthansa Technik Continues SOFIA Maintenance

Maiden Flight of NASA's SOFIA at Waco, Texas

Mirror Assembly Removed from the SOFIA Aircraft Prior to Receiving its Finish Coating

NASA and German Aerospace Agency (DLR) Engineers Installing 2.5 Meter Telescope

NASA: SOFIA Observatory 100% Open Door Test Flight

Relocation Flight of SOFIA from Waco, Texas to DFRC

SOFIA 747SP Open Door Flight

SOFIA at Lufthansa Technik: September

SOFIA Flight Tests for Early Science Progress

SOFIA is Maneuvered into Position for Ground Telescope Operational Testing

SOFIA Mirror Assembly Moved to Clean Room

SOFIA Mirror Cleaned to Prepare for Next Missions

SOFIA Observatory Finishes Open Door Flight Tests

SOFIA Primary Mirror System Transported from Air Force C17 at NASA's Palmdale Facility

SOFIA Resumes Test Flights Including the First In Flight Opening of the Telescope Cavity Door

SOFIA Structural Integrity and Performance Flight Tests at NASA Dryden

SOFIA Taxi and Takeoff During Initial Flight Tests at NASA Dryden

SOFIA Telescope & Cavity Doors Opened to 10% of Range During Test Flight

SOFIA Telescope Doors Tested

SOFIA Workers Lift and Position Primary Mirror in Preparation for its Reinstallation in NASA's 747SP

SOFIA's Heavy Maintenance Visit Time Lapse: July

SOFIA's Mirror Assembly Secured on Transport Dolly and Moved Into Clean Room

The SOFIA Telescope is Maneuvered While Scientists Check Data During Nighttime Operational Testing

The SOFIA Telescope Rotates in its Cavity during Nighttime Operational Testing at Dryden

Time Lapse Removal of the Mirror Assembly from SOFIA

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General Videos about SOFIA

Destination Innovation Explores SOFIA Observatory

DLR Film Crew shooting SOFIA 3D Movie

Inside the Heart of SOFIA

Landing SOFIA

NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory

SOFIA 747 SP Approach and Flyover at DAOF Palmdale, CA

SOFIA 747 SP Towed into Hangar 703 at DAOF Palmdale, CA

SOFIA 747SP Approach and Landing at NASA Ames Research Center

SOFIA 747SP Exposes Infrared Telescope

SOFIA 747SP Taking Off From Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB, CA

SOFIA Airborne Observatory Arrives at NASA Dryden

SOFIA First FIFI-LS Flight

SOFIA Flight 141 Flight Path

SOFIA Flight 143

SOFIA Flight 155 Flight Path

SOFIA Flight 162 Path

SOFIA Flight 167 Path - FORCAST

SOFIA Flight 157

SOFIA Highlights

SOFIA Observatory to Open Window to the Universe

SOFIA Runs on Teamwork

SOFIA Scientist Erick Young

SOFIA Take Off

SOFIA Taxiing Post Flight

SOFIA Update

SOFIA Visits Ames

SOFIA: Astronomy from the Stratosphere

SOFIA's Airborne Astronomy Legacy

SOFIA's Partnerships Ensure Success

SOFIA Take Off June 2013

The Spirit of SOFIA

The Teamwork Behind SOFIA

Upper rigid door time-lapse

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Recorded Talks

AAS 237th Meeting

Exploring the Mid-Infrared Galactic Center with SOFIA Legacy Maps

SOFIA: Science from the Stratosphere

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AAS 238th Meeting

Science from the Stratosphere: What's New with SOFIA

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Evolved Stars and their Circumstellar Environments

A 1 mm Spectral Survey of the Hypergiant NML Cyg: Insights into of Chemistry and Dynamics - Singh

A Cornucopia of Molecules: New Detections in Planetary Nebulae - Schmidt

A new perspective for the extremely red asymptotic giant branch stars - Dell'Agli

Can molecular gas form in the wind of a Wolf-Rayet star? - Ciurlo

Chemical Compositions of [WR] Planetary Nebulae based on IFU Observations - Danehkar

Chemical Trends in Evolved Stellar Objects: From Red Giants to Planetary Nebulae - Ziurys

Cool and dusty remnants of stellar mergers - Kamiński

DIBS, PAHs and Fullerenes - the chemical heritage of evolved stars? - Linnartz

Dissecting the circumstellar envelopes of evolved stars with infrared observations - Fonfria

Dust from asymptotic giant branch stars - Lugaro

Dust, pulsation, and metallicity in evolved stars - Sloan

Exploring Noble Gas Species in the Radiation-Dominated Region - Sil

Far-IR Probing of the Extended Circumstellar Shells of Evolved Stars - Ueta

Gaseous Outflows and Mass Loss from Red Supergiants - Humphreys

High Resolution Spectral Observations of Evolved Stars with EXES - Montiel

Infrared and submillimeter observations of the circumstellar environments of evolved stars - Kemper

Infrared variable stars in the compact elliptical galaxy M32 - Jones

Ionized carbon around IRC +10216 - Reach

Magnetic Fields in Red Supergiant Winds - Jones

Mass loss on the AGB - Zijlstra

Material developed during the red-supergiant phase from the progenitor of Supernova 1987A - Matsuura

Modeling extinction and reddening effects by circumstellar dust in the Betelgeuse envelope - Truong

Molecular gas: the forgotten ingredient of Luminous Blue Variable ejecta - Bordiu

Multiple mass loss events of the post-Red Supergiant the Fried Egg Nebula - Koumpia

Observed Outcomes of AGB s-Process Nucleosynthesis in Planetary Nebulae - Dinerstein

Our First Glimpse of Dust Production & Star Formation in Analog Environments with JWST - Hirschauer

Radiative feedback from evolved stars - Tram

SiO masers as a probe of ten thousand Galactic evolved stars - Lewis

SOFIA opportunities in 2022 - Moullet

SOFIA/FORCAST Imaging and Grism Observations of the red supergiant W26 in Westerlund 1 - Arneson

The impact of UV photons of a stellar companion on the chemistry of AGB outflows - Van de Sande

The molecular composition of IRC+10216 - Cernicharo

The Near-Infrared Polarization of the pre-Planetary Nebula Frosty Leo - Serrano Bernal

The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey - Srinivasan

Using MiraFitter to Identify Circumstellar Dust Around Mira Variables - Shepard

Using the Far-IR to Study a New Evolutionary Class of Evolved Stars - dusty post-RGB objects - Sahai

What IR emission from PAHs and fullerenes can tell us? The view of laboratory astrophysics - Joblin

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Magnetic Fields and the Structure of the Filamentary Interstellar Medium

A Comparison between Magnetic Field Directions & Starlight Polarimetry toward Gould Belt Clouds - Gu

A GASKAP View of HI Filaments in the SMC: The Relationship with Magnetic Field - Ma

A Practical Guide to Grain Alignment Theory - Hensley

Anchoring Magnetic Fields in Turbulent Molecular Clouds. II. From 0.1 to 0.01 pc - Zhang

Beyond DCF: Understanding the Magnetized Interstellar Medium Using Statistical Tools - Soler

BISTRO Survey: Dust Grain Properties from Observation of Magnetic Fields Surrounding LkHa 101 - Diep

BISTRO: Magnetic Fields in Serpens Main - Kwon

Calibrating the Davis-Chandrasekhar-Fermi Method with Numerical Simulations - Liu

Characterizing Mechanisms Producing the Unusual Magnetic Field of Galactic Center Radio Arc - Paré

Classification of Filament Formation Mechanisms in Magnetized Molecular Clouds - Abe

Constructing Maps of Plane-of-Sky Magnetic Field Strength using FIR Polarimetric Data - Guerra

Dust Properties, Grain Alignment & Magnetic Field Structure in NGC2071 with SOFIA & JCMT - Fanciullo

Filaments Segmentation: Mask RCNN Approach - Shomanov

Filaments, Clumps and Massive Star Formation - Zhang

First Results from the CN-Bright Magnetic Fields Project - Barnes

Friday Flash Contributed Talks

Friday June 25, 2021 Discussion

HAWC+/SOFIA Polarimetry in L1688: Relative Orientation of Magnetic Field - Lee

How do Magnetic Fields Regulate Star Formation? The Case of 30 Doradus - Pabst

How Turbulence and Magnetic Fields Regulate ISM Structure and Star Formation - Federrath

IRDC Structure: Magnetically Dominated Envelopes and Collapsing Cores - Mac Low

Magnetic Field Measurements via the Zeeman Effect -- Strengths and Limitations - Troland

Magnetic Field Morphology in High-Mass Star Forming Filaments - Bij

Magnetic Field Structure of OMC-3 in the Far-infrared Unveiled by SOFIA/HAWC+ - Zielinski

Magnetic Fields at Different Spatial Scales of a Filament G34.43+0.24 - Soam

Magnetic Fields at Multiple Scales as Seen In FIR-MM Polarimetry - Jones

Magnetic Fields in Massive Star-Forming Regions (MagMaR) II. - Cortes

Magnetic Fields in the ISM and their effect on filaments, stars and discs - Wurster

Magnetic Filaments in the ISM due to the Small-scale Dynamo - Seta

Magnetic Helicity Inverse Transfer in Supersonic Isothermal MHD Turbulence - Teissier

Magnetic Properties of Star-Forming Dense Cores - Myers

Mapping the Magnetic Field in the Taurus/B211 Filamentary Cloud with SOFIA HAWC+ - Li

Measuring B-strength: Turbulence Theory Based Alternative to the DCF Approach - Lazarian

Modeling of CO Emission in Shocks of W 28 and IC 443 - Nguyen

Multi-scale and Multi-wavelength Magnetic Fields in the Central Molecular Zone - Hu

Multi-Scale Picture of Magnetic Field and Gravity in High-Mass Star-Forming Region W51 - Koch

Multi-wavelength Analysis of Magnetic Field in Ophiuchus A using SOFIA/HAWC+ & JCMT/POL-2 - Karoly

Multi-wavelength Magnetic Field Observations in Infrared Dark Clouds - Pillai

NIR BSP, GPIPS, Gaia, and IRDCs - Clemens

Planck/Herschel Analysis of Correlations between Filamentary Structures & Magnetic Fields - Carrière

Polarization from Cores to Disks: Connecting Single-Dish and ALMA Dust Polarization - Sadavoy

Precession Galactic Magnetometry through Dust Polarization - Skalidis

Reconstructing the Full 3D Morphology of Magnetic Fields with Filamentary Molecular Clouds - Tahani

Relative Orientations between Velocity Gradients & Magnetic Fields in Perseus NGC 1333 - Chen

Revealing the Diverse Magnetic Field Morphologies in Taurus Dense Cores - Chakali

Rotational Disruption and Alignment of Astrophysical Dust - Thiem Hoang

Simulations of Dust, Gas, and Magnetic Fields - Juvela

Some Insights from the JCMT BISTRO Survey - Ward-Thompson

Studying Magnetic Fields toward M17 Cloud using Dust Polarization with SOFIA/HAWC+ - Thuong Hoang

Testing the Grain Alignment and Rotational Disruption by Radiative Torques - Ngoc

The Characteristic Widths of Magnetised Filaments - Priestley

The Davis-Chandrasekhar-Fermi Method, its Caveats and Areas of Application - Houde

The Distribution of Magnetic Field Strengths in the OMC-1 Region - Hwang

The Dynamical Impact and Orientation of Magnetic Fields in the Interstellar Medium - Girichidis

The Effect of Magnetic Fields on Morphology, Dynamics & Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds - Ganguly

The Explosion in Orion-KL as Seen by Mosaicking the Magnetic Field with ALMA - Hull

The Imprint of Magnetic Fields on Polarization Observations - Reissl

The JCMT BISTRO Survey: The Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Dense Filaments - Pattle

The Magnetic Field Geometry in the Halo of NGC891 - Kim

The Monoceros OB1 East Filamentary Cloud and its Large-scale Magnetic Field - Alina

The North Polar Spur Puzzle: Feedback Near versus Feedback Far - Panopoulou

The Role of the Magnetic Field in the Evolution of the Hub-filament Structures in IC5146 - Chung

The Role of the Magnetic Field in the Formation of the Musca Filament - Bonne

The Scale-dependent Importance of Magnetic Field in Star Formation - Chen

Thursday Flash Contributed Talks

Thursday June 24, 2021 Discussion

Tuesday Flash Contributed Talks, Session 1

Tuesday Flash Contributed Talks, Session 2

Tuesday June 22, 2021 Discussion

Turbulence Anisotropy: a New Method for Measuring Magnetic Fields in Cold Interstellar Phases - Xu

Understanding Polarized Dust Emission from Rho Ophiuchi A - Tram

Velocity Caustics as Tracer of Magnetic Field and Turbulence Statistics in Interstellar Media - Yuen

Wednesday Flash Contributed Talks, Session 1

Wednesday Flash Contributed Talks, Session 2

Wednesday June 23, 2021 Discussion

What the Orientation of the Magnetic Field Tells Us and which Effects Should We Expect? - Hennebelle

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Pipeline Week

Pipeline Week: FIFI-LS

Pipeline Week: FORCAST Grism

Pipeline Week: HAWC+

Pipeline Week: Introduction to the SOFIA Processing Pipeline

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Rock, Dust and Ice: Interpreting Planetary Data

(Sub-)Millimeter Dust Opacities from Laboratory Measurements - Mutschke

Characterization of the Ices in the Pluto System - Protopapa

Characterizing Porosity of Astrophysical Icy Surfaces with Near & Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy - Tribbet

Cloud Formation on Titan - Yu

Colour and Multi-Angular Observations of Martian Slope Streaks - Valantinas

Constraining Regolith Properties of Asteroids Using Hapke Modeling- Gustafsson

Constraints for Ryugu's Rocks From Remote Sensing - Biele et al.

Data Archives Panel Discussion

Dynamics of Water Absorption on the Moon and Ceres: Theoretical Predictions - Schorghofer

Electrical Properties of (16) Psyche's Surface from ALMA - de Kleer

Ice of the Saturn's Rings Particles - Tchernyi

Ices & Organics in the Outer Solar System - Cruikshank

Identifying Lunar Crater Ejecta Diversity - Gallinger

Interpretation of Short-Wavelength Thermal Observations: The Case of Ryugu - Müller

Is the Dust made of Rock, Ice, or Carbon? - Arnold

Lab Databases Panel Discussion

Mid-Infrared Optical Properties of Ices- Gerakines

Mid-Infrared Spectral Characteristics of Dust and Interpreting Remote-Sensing Data - Lane

Modeling the Influence of Epiregolith Thermal Gradients on Airless Body Emission Spectra - Prem

Modeling Titan With Rocke-3D - Collins

Modelling Debris Discs - Hengst

Models and Codes Panel Discussion

Near-Earth Objects and Meteorite Physical Properties Online Database - Ostrowski

Observations of Rocky Solar System Materials at ~3 µm and in the Thermal Infrared - Emery

Peculiar Polarization of Icy Surfaces: Jovian Satellite Europa - Kiselev

Pre-Recorded Q&A - Thursday

Probing Surface Properties of Asteroids by Polarimetric Observations - Belskaya

Properties and Mineralogy of Trojan Asteroid Surfaces - Martin

Radiation Scattering by Packed Media: Modeling Icy Layers on Cosmic Bodies - Kolokolova

Radiative Transfer of Polarized Radiation for Investigating Planetary Atmospheres - Lietzow

Recorded Talks Q&A Tuesday

Researching the Planetary Environment with an Interstellar Probe - Ahrens

Revisiting Phaethon Thermal Inertia - MacLennan

Rigorous Simulations of Nanophase Iron Space-Weathering Effects on Reflectance Spectra - Penttilä

Rock, Dust and Ice - Dust Discussion - Thursday March 25

Rock, Dust and Ice - Ices Discussion - Wednesday March 24

Rock, Dust and Ice - Rocks Discussion - Tuesday March 23

SBNAF Database for Thermal Infrared Observations of Small Bodies in the Solar System - Szakats

Simulating Icy Regolith for Exploration and Resource Development Efforts - Roux

SOFIA Comet Observations -- A Window in to Solar System Carbon - Woodward

Spectral Laboratory Measurements of Rocks in MIR - Maturilli

Testing Trojan Migration in the Lab: Spectra of Weathered Solar System Ices - Poston

The Importance of Producing & Characterizing Laboratory Analogs - Sciamma O'Brien

The Laboratory Astrophysics Optical Constants Database - Roser

Thermal Infrared Observations of the Moon from Diviner and L-CIRiS - Hayne

Values of Internal Scattering Coefficient From Reflectance Spectra of Meteorites & Minerals - Davalos

Wednesday Recorded Talks Q&A

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Signatures of AGN Feedback: The Post-SOFIA Era

AGN Are More Normal Than You Think - Kirkpatrick

Galactic Winds in the Infrared - Veilleux

Jet-ISM interactions and shocked molecular gas emission in galaxies - Fadda

Remnants of Major and Minor AGN Episodes in the Milky Way - Morris

The magnetic fields of AGN tori - Lopez-Rodriguez

Which AGN Jets Quench Star Formation in Massive Galaxies? - Su

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SOFIA Proposal Tutorials

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial - FIFI-LS Instrument

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial - FORCAST Instrument (Grism Mode)

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial - FORCAST Instrument (Imaging Mode)

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial - GREAT Instrument

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial - HAWC+ Instrument

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial: EXES Instrument, Cycle 9

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial: FIFI-LS Instrument, Cycle 9

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial: FORCAST Instrument, Cycle 9

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial: GREAT Instrument, Cycle 9

SOFIA Observing Proposal Tutorial: HAWC+ Instrument, Cycle 9

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SOFIA School 2022

Comparing [CII] to Important ISM Indicators - Sutter

Determining Column Densities from Absorption Line Spectroscopy - Neufeld/Jacob

Determining Stellar Parameters with FORCAST - Beasor

Grism Spectroscopy in a Star's Environment, Dust Mineralogy - Woodward

How to Understand HAWC+ Data - Shenoy

James Radomski: Signal, Noise and Artifacts in FORCAST Images

Kinematics in Massive Star Forming Regions - Tiwari

Morphology of Dust in the Galactic Center - Hankins

Multi-phase structure and physical conditions of the low-Z ISM - Chevance

Nearby Galaxies Photometry, SED Modeling and Dust Temperature - Motino-Flores

Observing Magnetic Fields with Interstellar Polarization - Jones

Quick Look Through IRSA - Rebull

Recognize & Calibrate out Artifacts from Terrestrial Contribution at EXES Wavelengths - De Witt

Rotational Ladder in IC63 - Soam/Karoly

Telluric absorption at FIFI LS wavelengths - Fadda

The Landscape of mid-far IR Data and Observatories - Meixner

Understanding GREAT data products - Verbena

Velocity-Resolved Spectroscopy of Shocks - Reach

What polarimetric data can tell us -- Magnetized Turbulence - Guerra

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SOFIA School 2023

Analysis of Molecular Spectra with SOFIA/EXES - Nickerson

Data reduction and analysis of FIFI-LS data - Fadda

Far-IR dust polarization observations: HAWC+ and the magnetic field in the ISM - Le Gouellec

FIR Cooling Lines - Sutter

Getting Started with EXES Data - Montiel

GREAT data reduction - Higgins

HAWC+ Data Reduction - Chuss

Interstellar magnetic fields - Houde

SOFIA Archive and Website - Reach

Stars, Cars, and PDRs - Wolfire

The analysis of high spectral resolution observations in the far-infrared - Bonne

The PhotoDissociation Region Toolbox - Pound

Theory/Background Talk - Ferland

What we can learn from molecular spectroscopy of astronomical sources - Neufeld

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SOFIA Winter Meeting 2022

An Abundance of Magnetized Radio Filaments in Galactic Center - Farhad Yusef-Zadeh (Northwestern)

Best SOFIA Paper: Magnetic Field Across The Molecular Warped Disk of Centaurus A - Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez

Best SOFIA Thesis: The formation and dispersal of dense gas in star forming regions - Lars Bonne

Giant Molecular Clouds: Story Tellers of the Galactic Center's History - Shuo Zhang (Bard College)

Probing the Remarkable Galactic Center Magnetic Field with HAWC+ - Mark Morris (UCLA)

SOFIA imaging spectroscopy of [C II] 150um fine structure line of SgrB region - Andrew Harris (UMD)

Using Hydrides to determine the state of the ISM - Peter Schilke (University of Cologne)

What "IGNITES" Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone? - Perry Hatchfield (U. Connecticut)

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Synergies within the Infrared Archive: SOFIA Summer Series 2022

Ed Montiel: Multifrequency high spectral resolution observations of HCN toward the circumstellar envelope of Y Canum Venaticorum

SOFIA synergies with the CARS multi wavelength data: Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova

Synergies within the infrared archive 2022: Wafa Zakri

Synergies within the Infrared Archive: Collin Knight

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SOFIA Archive

SOFIA Archival Research: What you need to know

SOFIA Archive Opportunities: Science Ready Data

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SOFIA Deployments

SOFIA and Fog in New Zealand

SOFIA Arrives at the Santiago International Airport

SOFIA at Stuttgart

SOFIA Landing at Christchurch Airport June 2022

SOFIA Returns from New Zealand

SOFIA Staff Creates Success in New Zealand

SOFIA Takeoff From Christchurch, New Zealand

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SOFIA Education and Outreach

First German Astronomy Ambassadors Fly On SOFIA

German Teachers Inspire Students with Trip to the Stratosphere

German Teachers Take Flight to Bring Astronomy to Students

Project Astro 2010 with Astronomer Erin Smith

SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors May 26-27, 2011

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SOFIA Proposals

SOFIA Webinar: Dual Anonymous Review Framework

Southern Sources with EXES/SOFIA: A Community Chat

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SOFIA Science

Catching the Shadow of Neptune's Moon Triton

Dust Survives Obliteration in Supernova 1987A - Animation

Eric Becklin's Fifty-four Years of Adventures in Infrared Astronomy

Fly Through Orion's Dragon in 3-D with NASA's SOFIA

Fly Through Orion's Dragon with NASA's SOFIA

Galactic Wind in M82

Scientists and Telescope Operators Collect Measurements for SOFIA's Infrared Telescope

SOFIA Facts and Science Images

SOFIA Observatory Captures Orion’s Dragon in 3-D

SOFIA Observatory Obtains First Light Images

SOFIA's GREAT Spectrometer Collects First Imagery

SOFIA's Pluto Occultation Observation

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Tutorials for Researchers

How to Visualize GREAT Data with CARTA

SOFIA Tutorial: Cycle 9 Observing Proposals Overview

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