Purpose of the Program

The observations used HAWC+ to map the magnetic field in nearby galaxies.

Co-Principal Investigators

Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez (KIPAC/Stanford), Ann Mao (MPIfR)

Proposal ID and Data Access


Proposal Abstract

This Joint Legacy Program aims to construct a comprehensive empirical picture of the magnetic field strength and structure in the multiphase ISM of galaxies. For the first time, we will construct a FIR polarimetric survey of nearby galaxies. We will combine these results with radio polarimetric and optical spectroscopic observations to obtain magnetic field strength/structure and gas dynamics as a function of host galaxy properties and kpc-scale galactic environment. The wide-field, multi-wavelength polarimetric observations from this Legacy Program will be a transformative leap that will establish the foundational framework of the kpc-scale magnetic field structure in the molecular gas disks of nearby galaxies.

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