Hubble Space Telescope/SOFIA Joint Observations

HST and SOFIA are embarking on a joint program that focuses on the beginning and the end of stellar evolution. In 2020, two joint Directors' Discretionary pilot programs were approved to showcase the possibilities of multiwavelength science with the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) and the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). These programs, formed out of a partnership between STScI and USRA, focus on the beginning (PI: Karnath) and end (PI: Goldman) of stellar evolution. More information .

Green Bank Observatory/SOFIA Joint Observations

The SMO has made an agreement for joint proposals with the Green Bank Observatory (GBO). This agreement allows users to apply for time with the Green Bank Telescope via the SOFIA proposal process or for time with SOFIA via the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) proposal process. Up to 5% of the total open-skies time on the GBT will be reserved for proposals received via this call, and up to 3% of the total US GO time on SOFIA will be reserved for proposals received by the GBO. More information .

SOFIA observations directly supporting the JWST Early Release Science (ERS) program

The SMO reserved up to 20 hours of time on SOFIA in Cycle 9 for regular proposals in support of JWST Early Release Science (ERS) proposals. To be eligible for this reserved time, proposals must support the science program of an accepted JWST ERS proposal and justify the synergy enabled by SOFIA observations and the need for SOFIA time. These JWST-ERS support observations will have no proprietary period and will become public immediately upon pipeline processing and verification. More information .