Cycle 9 Selected Proposals
Prop. ID (Queue) PI (Affiliation) Title Instrument(s)
09_0003 (US) Curtis DeWitt (USRA/SOFIA) Resolving water vapor absorption in the circumstellar disks of FU Ori stars EXES
09_0005 (US) William Vacca (USRA) Tracing the Atomic Gas Component of the Galactic Wind in the Prototypical Starburst Galaxy He 2-10 FIFI-LS
09_0006 (US) Nicole Karnath (SOFIA) FORCAST Imaging and Spectroscopy of Intermediate Luminosity Protostars FORCAST
09_0008 (US) Dariusz Lis (JPL) D/H Ratio in Cometary Water: Understanding the Origin of Earth’s Oceans GREAT
09_0012 (US) Asantha Cooray (University of California Irvine) Are local ULIRGs low in metals? Testing a new metallicity diagnostic with FIFI-LS FIFI-LS
09_0013 (US) Paul Goldsmith (JPL) [OI]146 Micron Observations: Accurate modeling of [OI] Emission Absorption and PDR Structure GREAT
09_0015 (US) Dariusz Lis (JPL) The Role of the Magnetic Field in the Evolution of GMCs: Star Formation in Filaments and Stellar Feedback HAWC+
09_0016 (US) Ian Stephens (Worcester State University) Guiding the Flows: A Multi-Scale SOFIA-ALMA Survey HAWC+
09_0019 (US) Pak Shing Li (University of California at Berkeley) The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Starless Cores in Filamentary Molecular Clouds HAWC+
09_0020 (US) Jorge Pineda (JPL) Probing Highly Ionized regions in Carina and G333.6-0.2 with [NIII] 57um FIFI-LS
09_0021 (US) David Neufeld (Johns Hopkins University) Kinematics of shock-heated H2 with EXES and the conversion from para- to ortho-H2 EXES
09_0022 (US) Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez (SOFIA Science Center at NASA Ames) Revealing how large-scale magnetic fields arise from the interstellar turbulence through a 0.5 sqdeg. magnetic field map of the Large Magellanic Cloud HAWC+
09_0023 (US) Tucker Jones (University of California; Davis) Accurate chemical abundance measurements: from z=0 to the reionization epoch FIFI-LS
09_0025 (US) Matthew Millard (University of Texas at Arlington) FIR Spectroscopic Study of High Velocity Ejecta Assocated with Cold Dust in Young Supernova Remnants FIFI-LS
09_0027 (US) Kate Su (University of Arizona) Constraining Planetesimal Collisions in the Terrestrial Planet Zone of HD 166191 FORCAST
09_0029 (US) Robert Gehrz (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities) SOFIA Target of Opportunity (ToO) Observations of Bright Classical Novae in Outburst FORCAST
09_0030 (US) Christopher Clark (Space Telescope Science Institute) The First Unambiguous Measurement of Carbon Depletion via 158μm [CII] Absorption GREAT
09_0031 (US) Joseph Hora (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian) Investigating the Effects of Environment on Star Formation: the Outer Galaxy Cluster G104.52+01.24 FORCAST
09_0035 (US) Goran Sandell (Institute for Astronomy; UH Hilo) Using [CII] to probe the environment of the LkHa101 HII region reflection nebula and foreground cloud GREAT
09_0036 (US) Suzanne Madden (CEA) SOFIA Joint Legacy Survey of [CII] in the LMC: LMC+ FIFI-LS
09_0037 (US) B-G Andersson (USRA/SOFIA Science Center) Spinning at the Bar - The B-RAT to k-RAT transition in the Orion Bar HAWC+
09_0038 (US) Matthew Malkan (UCLA) Highly Ionized Gas in AGN and Metal-poor Starbursts FIFI-LS
09_0039 (US) Haojing Yan (University of Missouri-Columbia) HAWC+ Observations of Planck-selected 550 micron Peakers HAWC+
09_0041 (DE) Cristian Guevara (I Physikalisches Institut - Universität zu Köln) [12CII]/[13CII] isotopic abundance ratio in M17SW and NGC 1977 GREAT
09_0043 (DE) Cristian Guevara (I Physikalisches Institut) M43 and M17SW [OI] 63 and 145 um fully sampled maps GREAT
09_0044 (US) Miguel Santander-Garcia (Observatorio Astronomico Nacional) The total mass of post-common-envelope PNe GREAT
09_0046 (US) Kathleen Kraemer (Boston College) The Dustiest S Stars: On the Chemical Cusp FORCAST
09_0048 (US) Peter Barnes (Space Science Institute) The Magnetic Keys to Star Formation HAWC+
09_0051 (US) Ravi Sankrit (Space Telescope Science Institute) The Long Term Evolution of Silicates in Symbiotic Mira Systems FORCAST
09_0052 (US) Brandon Marshall (University of Nebraska at Kearney) Searching for Herbig Oe stars in the Mid Infrared FORCAST
09_0053 (DE) Jochen Eislöffel (Thüringer Landessternwarte) Catching the next bright accretion burst from a YSO on the rise FIFI-LS;FORCAST
09_0054 (US) David Chuss (Villanova University) A Two-Color Polarimetric Survey of the Galactic Center HAWC+
09_0055 (US) Omnarayani Nayak (Space Telescope Science Institute) Studying Gas Heating Mechanisms of a Super Star Cluster with SOFIA GREAT
09_0057 (US) Margaret McAdam (NASA Ames Research Center) (16) Psyche: Confirming and quantifying the detections of the rotational heterogeneity hydrated minerals and/or pyroxene with SOFIA+FORCAST FORCAST
09_0059 (US) Dominik Riechers (Cornell University) [CII] Emission from the Most Luminous Galaxies in the Visible Universe at z>2 GREAT
09_0065 (US) Archana Soam (SOFIA) Investigation on the interplay between gas and magnetic fields from large to small spatial scales in the IRDC G035.39-00.33 HAWC+
09_0066 (DE) André Beck (Deutsches SOFIA Insitut) Disentangling Excitation Conditions in the Outflow of NGC 253 FIFI-LS
09_0067 (US) Terry Jones (University of Minnesota) Exploring the Magnetic Field Geometry in NGC 891 HAWC+
09_0070 (US) Sylvain Veilleux (University of Maryland College Park) The Bolometric Luminosities of Two Heavily Reddened Wind-Dominated Quasars Targeted in a JWST ERS Program HAWC+
09_0072 (US) Alexander Tielens (University of Maryland College Park) EXES Survey of the Molecular Inventory of Hot Cores EXES
09_0073 (DE) Rebeca Aladro (MPIfR) Atomic and molecular gas in NGC 4945: Relative abundances distribution and kinematics in the galaxy GREAT
09_0076 (US) Alberto Bolatto (University of Maryland College Park) SOFIA GREAT Mapping of the LMC Northern Molecular Ridge GREAT
09_0077 (US) Eric Omelian (Space Science Institute) Monitoring the Eclipse and Periastron Passage of the Symbiotic Mira R Aqr FORCAST
09_0078 (US) Miguel Angel Requena Torres (University of Maryland Baltimore County) Nitrogen chemistry in the Galactic Center: chasing the formation of hydroxylamine an RNA precursor GREAT
09_0079 (DE) Christian Fischer (DSI) Photo-dissociation and shocks in DR21 (OH) FIFI-LS
09_0081 (US) Conor Nixon (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) A Search for Complex Molecules in Titan’s Atmosphere EXES
09_0083 (US) Gavin Rowell (University of Adelaide) Deep C+ Studies of the Brightest Gamma-Ray Supernova Remnant RXJ1713.7 − 3946 GREAT
09_0084 (DE) Robert Brunngraeber (University of Kiel) Self-scattering in the protoplanetary disk of HL Tau with SOFIA HAWC+
09_0085 (US) Jonathan Tan (University of Virginia) SOFIA Massive (SOMA) Star Formation Survey - High Priority Protostars for Survey Completion FORCAST
09_0088 (DE) Karl Menten (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy; Bonn) The aftermath of a stellar collision in the Galactic Bulge FORCAST; HAWC+
09_0089 (US) Jonathan Tan (University of Virginia) The Inception of Star Cluster Formation: [CII] Emission from IRDCs Massive Protoclusters and GMC Collisions GREAT
09_0092 (US) Rebecca Pitts (Niels Bohr Institute; University of Copenhagen) Neutral Atomic Sulfur in Cygnus-X: Key to the Missing Sulfur Problem? FORCAST
09_0093 (US) Jens Kauffmann (Haystack Observatory; Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Tracing cosmic star-forming Gas: Connecting Cii HCN and other Species in the LEGO Survey GREAT
09_0094 (US) Lee Armus (Caltech) SOFIA Observations of the Galactic Wind in NGC 1365 FIFI-LS
09_0096 (DE) Cristian Guevara (University of Cologne) [CI] observations in Feedback sources GREAT
09_0097 (DE) Seamus Clarke (I. Physikalisches Institut; University of Cologne) [CII] as a tracer of pre-shock and post-shock gas in a supernova remnant GREAT
09_0100 (US) Giuliana Cosentino (Chalmers University of Technology) The Infrared Dark Cloud G034.77-00.55: Magnetic field in large scale shock interactions HAWC+
09_0101 (US) Giuliana Cosentino (Chalmers University of Technology) Large Scale Shock Interactions in Infrared Dark Clouds: tale of a forming cloud GREAT
09_0103 (DE) Robert Simon (PH1) Origin of a Large Arc-like Structure at the Far Side of the X1 Cusped Orbit GREAT
09_0104 (US) Jonathan Tan (University of Virginia) Magnetic Fields at the Onset of Star Formation: Polarization Mapping of Infrared Dark Clouds HAWC+
09_0107 (US) Alexander Tielens (University of Maryland Baltimore County) Magnetic Fields and Massive Star Feedback HAWC+
09_0110 (US) José Pablo Fonfría (IFF-CSIC) Searching for C4 in the C-rich AGB star Y CVn EXES
09_0113 (US) Alejandro Serrano Borlaff (NASA Ames Research Center) Testing for multi-component magnetic fields and their effects on the structure of galactic disks HAWC+
09_0114 (US) Uma Gorti (SETI Institute/NASA Ames) Tracing cool disk winds with the [OI] 63 micron line GREAT
09_0115 (US) Michael Kaufman (San Jose State University) An upGREAT Map in M20: [OI] and [CII] Emission from a Young Star Forming Region GREAT
09_0117 (US) Zhi-Yun Li (University of Virginia) Mapping Dust Polarization of a Dense Cluster-Forming Filament in the Best Magnetically Characterized Giant Molecular Cloud Vela C with HAWC+ HAWC+
09_0119 (US) James Jackson (SOFIA) Investigating [O I] 63 micron Absorption Using [O I] 145 micron Emission GREAT
09_0121 (US) Kate Su (University of Arizona) The Inner Warm Debris in the Vega Planetary System FORCAST
09_0122 (US) Dario Fadda (USRA) Unveiling the dark side of collisional ring galaxies FIFI-LS
09_0129 (US) Sarah Nickerson (NASA Ames Research Center/BAERI) The Molecular Heart of Hot Cores EXES
09_0131 (DE) Jeroen Bouwman (MPIA Heidelberg) The nature of crystalline silicates in the protoplanetary disk of AB Aurigae FIFI-LS
09_0134 (US) Javier Goicoechea (CSIC) Velocity-resolved OH emission from Orion BN/KL outflow (s) GREAT
09_0135 (US) Antonine Gusdorf (LPENS; École Normale Supérieure; Paris Observatory) The far-infrared view of the Cepheus E protostellar outflow GREAT
09_0136 (DE) Jochen Eislöffel (Thüringer Landessternwarte) Deciphering the periodically outbursting masers in G37.55+0.200 FIFI-LS
09_0137 (DE) Frédéric Schuller (AIP) Probing the structure and dynamical role of the magnetic field in the NGC 6334 massive filament region HAWC+
09_0143 (US) Maitraiyee Tiwari (University of Maryland College Park) Studying the effects of stellar feedback in RCW 49 GREAT
09_0145 (US) Greg Sloan (Space Telescope Science Institute) Pulsation and Dust in Galactic Carbon Stars FORCAST
09_0146 (US) David Chuss (Villanova University) Deciphering the Radiative and Magnetic Environment of the Sagittarius B2 Molecular Cloud HAWC+
09_0148 (DE) Guido Fuchs (University of Kassel) High resolution IR observations towards VY Canis Majoris – Investigations on SiS HCN and NH3 EXES
09_0149 (DE) Serina Latzko (University of Stuttgart) Revealing the mysteries of CII in the outflows of M82 FIFI-LS
09_0150 (US) Jorge Pineda (JPL) What is the Source of the Ubiquitous Dense Ionized Gas Throughout the ISM and Does it Impact [CII] as an SFR Tracer? FIFI-LS
09_0151 (US) Michael Gregg (U.C. Davis) Detecting the Interstellar Medium of Globular Clusters FIFI-LS
09_0152 (US) Jorge Pineda (JPL) The Impact of Extreme Stellar Feedback on the Dynamics of Neutral Gas Clouds in the Carina Massive Star Forming Region GREAT
09_0155 (US) Samantha Scibelli (University of Arizona) Far-IR Dust and Magnetic Field Alignment Study of the Collapse Candidate Starless Core L63 HAWC+
09_0158 (US) Laura Lenkic (University of Maryland Baltimore County) Local Analogues of Turbulent Clumpy Main-Sequence Galaxies at the Peak of Cosmic Star Formation FIFI-LS; HAWC+
09_0159 (DE) Niko Zielinski (Institut für Theoretische Physik und Astrophysik; Christian-Albr) Constraining radiative torque alignment efficiency using SOFIA/HAWC+ HAWC+
09_0160 (DE) Aaron Bryant (DSI) Probing the Evolutionary Chain of Molecular Clouds in the Central Molecular Zone FIFI-LS
09_0161 (DE) Laure Bouscasse (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy; Bonn) Water deuteration in the outer envelope of hot core precursors GREAT
09_0162 (US) Marta De Simone (University of Grenoble) Water content in the early stages of planet-forming regions EXES
09_0163 (US) Noel Richardson (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) The spectroscopic signature of new dust forming around WR137 FORCAST
09_0164 (US) Chi Yan Law (Chalmers University of Technology) Giant growing under still water: Polarized emissions from isolated massive protostar G28.20-0.05 HAWC+
09_0169 (US) Yao-Lun Yang (University of Virginia) Probing the radiative cooling from shocks and PDRs in intermediate- and high-mass protostars FIFI-LS
09_0170 (US) Jorge Pineda (JPL) Testing Theories of Spiral Arm Formation and Evolution in Galaxies GREAT
09_0171 (US) Paul Lucey (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Mapping the 6 µm Molecular Water Line Across the Lunar Surface FORCAST
09_0172 (US) Maria S. Kirsanova (Institute of Astronomy; Russian Academy of Sciences) Tracing the PDR expansion and gas density distribution using the [OI] 63 and 145 micron lines GREAT
09_0176 (US) Margaret McAdam (NASA Ames Research Center) Searching for molecular water on (24) Themis (2) Pallas and nominally anhydrous asteroids: contextualizing 3-µm detections of hydration on asteroids FORCAST
09_0180 (US) Caitlin Casey (University of Texas at Austin) Precision Cosmology with SOFIA: Characterizing the Dust Emission in Nearby Supernovae Type Ia Host Galaxies HAWC+
09_0181 (US) Nicholas Ballering (University of Virginia) Probing Protoplanetary Disk Dispersal with the 63 micron Oxygen Line GREAT
09_0182 (US) Nicholas Ballering (University of Virginia) Lurking Giants: Verifying and Characterizing Nearby Bright Debris Disks HAWC+
09_0183 (US) L. Ilsedore Cleeves (University of Virginia) Solving the Mystery of Missing Cold Water in Protoplanetary Disks GREAT
09_0185 (US) Gordon Stacey (Cornell University) FIFI-LS Spectroscopy of Nearby IR Bright Galaxies: Tracing Stellar Populations; the N/O Abundance Ratio; and Absolute Abundances FIFI-LS
09_0189 (DE) Thomas Giesen (University of Kassel) Linear C3 - a novel probe to measure the 12C/13C ratio of the Galaxy GREAT
09_0191 (DE) Arshia Jacob (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy; Bonn) To search for HeH+ in the He enriched compact HII region W3A GREAT
09_0194 (US) Jordan Guerra (Villanova University) Mapping Large-scale Magnetic Fields in the Gould Belt HAWC+
09_0195 (US) Snezana Stanimirovic (University of Wisconsin Madison) Thermal Pressure of the Perseus Molecular Cloud via Velocity Resolved [CII] GREAT
09_0197 (US) John Carr (University of Maryland College Park) Water as Evidence of Surface Accretion in Protoplanetary Disks EXES
09_0198 (US) Cody Lamarche (University of Toledo) Securing Far-Infrared Metal Abundances in NGC 6946 FIFI-LS
09_0200 (US) Arielle Moullet (SOFIA) Searching for water vapor in Main Belt Asteroids GREAT
09_0201 (US) C. Darren Dowell (JPL) Magnetic Field Structure of the Grand-Design Spiral Galaxy M51 HAWC+
09_0203 (US) Riwaj Pokhrel (University of Toledo) Impact of the magnetic field in the Mon R2 hub-filament system HAWC+
09_0210 (US) Lars Bonne (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux) Evidence from H2 emission of a cloud-cloud collision responsible for initiating high-mass star formation EXES
09_0211 (US) Archana Soam (SOFIA) INSPIRE: INvestigating Spatially varying temperatures in PDRs from pure rotational excItation of moleculaR hydrogEn EXES
09_0212 (DE) Jessica Agarwal (Technische Universitaet Braunschweig) Spatial and temporal variability of dust properties in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko FORCAST
09_0215 (US) Thushara Pillai (Boston University) Study of Interstellar Magnetic Polarization: a Legacy Investigation of FIlaments (SIMPLIFI) HAWC+
09_0216 (US) Matthew Hankins (Arkansas Tech University) Uncovering Sites of Isolated Star Formation in the Galactic Center with SOFIA/FORCAST FORCAST
09_0217 (DE) Veena VS (University of Cologne) Probing [CII] Emission Towards the Unusual Molecular Bubble G18.88-0.02 GREAT
09_0220 (US) Raghvendra Sahai (JPL) Shocked and Scorched: A GREAT Investigation of [CII] and [OI] emission from free-floating Evaporating Gas Globules in the W5 Massive Star Formation Region GREAT
09_0221 (US) Ming Sun (University of Alabama in Huntsville) [C II] in the cluster galaxies undergoing ram pressure stripping FIFI-LS
09_0227 (US) Jose Pablo Fonfria (IFF-CSIC) The chemical interdependence of CO2 and H2O in O-rich evolved stars EXES
09_0231 (US) Alexandre Lazarian (University of Wisconsin Madison) Testing a new method for identifying regions of gravitational collapse within a magnetized molecular cloud using HAWC+ and GBT/ARGUS HAWC+
09_0233 (US) Amanda Townsend (University of California Davis) Taking Betelgeuse’s Temperature -- Placing unique EXES observations to investigate the cause of the Great Dimming of 2019/2020 in context EXES