Abstracts of accepted FORCAST and GREAT proposals.

FORCAST Proposals
PI Institution Title Country Hours
Armus IPAC Observations of the Nearby Starburst Galaxy NGC 2146 with FORCAST on SOFIA US 2.8
Bally U. Colorado FORCAST imaging of the mini-starburst in W43 US 5.0
Grady Eureka Scientific Spatially-Resolved Far-Infared Imaging of Bright Debris Disks US 2.7
Harvey U Texas Far-IR Interferometry With SOFIA: A Test of Lunar Occultation Observations US 0.4
Hill CEA Saclay SOFIA 24 and 35um imaging of the OB young stellar objects in Cygnus-X France 2.8
Huard UMD College Park Resolving Protostars in the Serpens South Protocluster US 2.1
Humphreys U. Minnesota Cool Dust and the Mass Loss Histories of Cool Hypergiants US 2.0
Kobulnicky U Wyoming Intermediate-Mass Star Formation Regions: Defining a High-Latitude Sample US 1.3
Looney U. Illinois Resolving Class 0 Binaries in the Mid-Infrared US 4.0
Meixner STScI FORCASTing Evolved Star Mass Loss in the Galactic Bulge US 2.0
Nikola Cornell Probing The AGN-Starburst Connection US 2.0
Orton JPL 19-37 Micron Photometry of Outer Planets US 1.2
Rebull JPL SOFIA Observations of the Gulf of Mexico Cluster US 2.5
Rubin NASA/ARC SOFIA's Opportunity to Solve the Nebular Abundance Problem US 2.3
Rushton U Central Lancashire SOFIA observations of recurrent novae UK 2.0
Sandell USRA The nature of Young High-mass (proto)stars in NGC7538 US 3.4
Sarre U. Nottingham FORCAST Study of 21 Micron Sources UK 0.6

Space Science Institute

Mid-Infrared imaging of the W40 Star Forming Region using SOFIA-FORCAST. US 1.5
Tan U Florida Peering to the Heart of Massive Star Birth US 4.5
Vacca USRA Uncovering Buried Star Clusters in Nearby Starburst Galaxies US 3.0
Werner JPL FORCAST Imaging of Planetary Nebulae US 4.0
GREAT Proposals
PI Institution Title Country Hours
Hewitt GSFC GREAT Diagnostics of Molecular Shocks in Interacting Supernova Remnants US 1.0
Kaufman CalState SJ High frequency water masers with SOFIA/GREAT US 3.0
Li JPL Mapping "Dark Gas" in Rho Ophiuchus A US 4.8
Neufeld JHU Search for interstellar mercapto radicals (SH) with SOFIA US 3.0
Sahai JPL Using GREAT to Probe [CII] emission in the Ring Nebula US 3.2
Schneider CEA Saclay Pillars of Creation: physical origin and connection to star formation France 2.4