The abstracts of the approved proposals may be accessed by clicking on the Proposal IDs in the table below.

Cycle 1 Results
Prop. ID PI PI Affiliation Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time (hrs)
01_0005 Imke de Pater University of California - Berkeley Jupiter's Tropospheric Dynamics from SOFIA Mapping of Temperature, Para-Hydrogen, and Aerosols FORCAST 1.0
01_0007 James De Buizer Universities Space Research Association Revealing the Embedded Structures and Sources within Giant HII Regions FORCAST 9.1
01_0010 Donald Figer Rochester Institute of Technology The Mass Loss of Red Supergiants FORCAST 2.0
01_0017 Robert Gehrz University of Minnesota - Twin Cities SOFIA Target of Opportunity (ToO) Observations of Bright Classical Novae in Outburst FORCAST, FLITECAM 4.4
01_0026 Carol Grady Eureka Scientific Inc. Disk Tomography of Stratified Herbig Ae Protoplanetary Disks with SOFIA FORCAST FORCAST 8.0
01_0030 Vianney Lebouteiller CEA, Saclay, France Unveiling the origin of [CII] using the multi-phase environment of the star-forming ring N11 in the LMC GREAT 13.0
01_0032 Pierre Vernazza European Southern Observatory Uncovering the surface composition of the largest main-belt asteroids with FORCAST FORCAST 1.0
01_0034 Alexander Tielens Sterrewacht Leiden Mid-IR emission from Dust and PAHs in Ultracompact HII regions FORCAST 12.0
01_0035 Joseph Hora Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Spectroscopy of Massive Protostars in Cygnus X FORCAST 5.2
01_0039 David Neufeld The Johns Hopkins University Search for the mercapto radical (SH) in the interstellar medium GREAT 4.0
01_0040 Paul Goldsmith Jet Propulsion Laboratory Probing Molecular Cloud Accretion and Envelopes with Velocity-Resolved CII Lines Observed with SOFIA/GREAT GREAT 11.0
01_0041 Gregory Sloan Cornell University An Infrared Spectral Survey of Galactic Carbon Stars FORCAST 13.6*
01_0042 Robert Rubin NASA Ames Research Center An Opportunity to Solve the Nebular Abundance Problem with SOFIA FORCAST 5.6
01_0045 Jonathan Tan University of Florida Peering to the Heart of Massive Star Birth - II. A Survey of 8 Protostars FORCAST 4.0
01_0049 Christopher Tibbs California Institute of Technology Exploring the role of CII in current Spinning Dust Models GREAT 2.0
01_0051 Goran Sandell Universities Space Research Association Mapping [CII] emission in the NGC2023 reflection nebula. GREAT 4.0
01_0053 William Langer Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dynamics of the CMZ - Giant Magnetic Loops Connection in the Galactic Center GREAT 8.0
01_0054 John Bally University of Colorado at Boulder FORCAST Imaging of the Mini-Starburst in W43 FORCAST 7.3
01_0056 Douglas Whittet Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute The Evolution of Preplanetary Matter: FORCAST Grism Spectroscopy of Ices from 5 to 8 microns FORCAST 6.5
01_0059 John Hewitt NASA Goddard Space Flight Center GREAT Diagnostics of Molecular Shocks in Interacting Supernova Remnants GREAT 5.0
01_0072 Frank Israel Leiden [CII] in the Magellanic Clouds: sampling low metallicity ISM physics GREAT 4.0
01_0074 Diane Wooden NASA Ames Research Center FORCAST Observations of a ToO Bright Comet in CY1 FORCAST 3.6
01_0075 Andrew Rivkin The Johns Hopkins University Characterization of OH and H2O in Asteroids FLITECAM 2.0
01_0082 Tracey Hill Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique Characterising young high-mass stars in Cygnus X using SOFIA. FORCAST 4.3
01_0084 Michael Brown California Institute of Technology A new window on the surface of Europa FORCAST 10.0
01_0085 Lee Mundy University of Maryland College Park Star Formation in the Dense Environment of Young Clusters: A FORCAST Imaging Survey FORCAST 5.0
01_0086 Andrew Helton Universities Space Research Association An Examination of Dust Formation and Destruction in the Classical Nova V1280 Sco FORCAST, FLITECAM 3.0
01_0096 Jean Chiar SETI Institute FLASH: FLITECAM Limits on the Abundance of Silicate Hydrates in the ISM FLITECAM 1.5
01_0099 Avi Mandell NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Characterizing Transiting Exoplanets Using FLITECAM: An Exploratory Program FLITECAM --**
01_0101 Michael Person MIT Examining Pluto's atmosphere with SOFIA through stellar occultations HIPO/FLITECAM --**
01_0102 David Trilling Northern Arizona University Imaging of nearby Spitzer-selected candidate debris disks FORCAST 5.4
01_0124 Els Peeters SETI Institute Aromatics versus aliphatics: revealing the structure of carbonaceous dust. FORCAST, FLITECAM 7.0
01_0125 Katherine Jameson University of Maryland Hunting for Hidden H2 in IC10 with [CII] GREAT 4.0
01_0130 Bruce McCollum California Institute of Technology First Mid-IR Observations of a Main-Sequence Stellar Merger Caught in the Act FORCAST 2.8
01_0136 David Principe Rochester Institute of Technology Mid-infrared Imaging of X-ray Sources in L1630: Investigating the Onset of Magnetic Activity in Protostars FORCAST 4.1
01_0138 Raghvendra Sahai Jet Propulsion Laboratory Probing the 3-Dimensional Structure of the Ring Nebula with GREAT observations of [CII] GREAT 4.0
01_0143 Michael Lundquist University of Wyoming Probing the Nature of Intermediate-Mass Star Formation Regions at 37µm FORCAST 5.2*

The total allocated time of 192.6 hours includes two survey programs totalling 18.8 hours, and two Target-of-Opportunity programs totalling 8.0 hours.

*Survey program
**Allocated time will not count against the total available time for Cycle 1 GI programs