These pages contain the lists of targets to be observed during SOFIA Cycle 2 flights, along with plots of the flight paths. The pages will be updated when the flight plans for an entire flight series have been created and approved by the SMO Director.

Cycle 2 Results

The SOFIA Cycle 2 Call for Proposals , released on April 29, 2013, solicited observing proposals for approximately 175 hours of science observing using SOFIA from the US and International astronomical community. It was issued on behalf of NASA by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA). The deadline for Phase I proposal submission was June 28, 2013. An additional 47 hours of science observing were offered via the German SOFIA Cycle 2 proposal call .

In response to the SOFIA Cycle 2 Call for Proposals, 112 unique proposals were received - 90 to the US queue and 22 to the German queue. The total time offered was oversubscribed by a factor of 3.0. The proposals were reviewed for technical feasibility and by independent review panels for scientific merit. The scientific reviews were carried out separately for the US and German queues. After discussion of the results in each queue, the SOFIA Science Mission Operations Director and Deputy Director provided the combined approved Cycle 2 program.

Approved Cycle 2 proposals

Cycle 2 observations will take place during calendar year 2014.