All papers listed here are submitted or accepted to refereed publications available by searching the Astronomy database of the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), with the exception of those listed under the heading "Not yet available in ADS". The papers listed include those that present scientific results which have made use of data obtained with SOFIA and (denoted by an asterisk, with independent numbering) all the other papers, including those about the observatory and the instruments.

List created : 2023-5-1

Science preprints: 14, Observatory preprints: (*) 3

14. "Far-infrared line emission from the outer Galaxy cluster Gy 3-7 with SOFIA/FIFI-LS: Physical conditions and UV fields"
Le, N., 2023-04-00, ADS

13. "Exploring the Magnetic Field Geometry in NGC 891 with SOFIA/HAWC+"
Kim, Jin-Ah, 2023-04-00, ADS

12. "The Strength of the Sheared Magnetic Field in the Galactic's Circum-Nuclear Disk"
Guerra, J. A., 2023-04-00, ADS

11. "Surveying the Giant HII Regions of the Milky Way with SOFIA: V. DR7 and K3-50"
De Buizer, James M., 2023-04-00, ADS

10. "High Resolution Observations of HI in the IC 63 Reflection Nebula"
Bonne, L., 2023-04-00, ADS

9. "Extragalactic magnetism with SOFIA (SALSA Legacy Program) -- V: First results on the magnetic field orientation of galaxies"
Borlaff, Alejandro S., et al., 2023-03-00, ADS

8. "On the 3D Curvature and Dynamics of the Musca filament"
Kaminsky, Aidan, et al., 2023-03-00, ADS

7. "The structure of magnetic fields in spiral galaxies: a radio and far-infrared polarimetric analysis"
Surgent, William Jeffrey, et al., 2023-02-00, ADS

6. "B-fields And dust in interstelLar fiLAments using Dust POLarization (BALLAD-POL): I. The massive filament G11.11-0.12 observed by SOFIA/HAWC+"
Bich Ngoc, Nguyen, et al., 2023-02-00, ADS

5. "Recovery of Phosphine in Venus' Atmosphere from SOFIA Observations"
Greaves, Jane S., et al., 2022-11-00, ADS

4. "HOPS 361-C's Jet Decelerating and Precessing Through NGC 2071 IR"
Rubinstein, Adam E., et al., 2022-11-00, ADS

3. "Characterizing three-dimensional magnetic field, turbulence, and self-gravity in the star-forming region L1688"
Hu, Yue; Lazarian, Alex 2022-10-00, ADS

2. "On the origin of radio-loudness in active galactic nuclei using far-infrared polarimetric observations"
Lopez-Rodriguez, Enrique, et al., 2022-07-00, ADS

1. "Arecibo-Green Bank-LOFAR Carbon Radio Recombination Line observations toward cold HI Clouds"
Anish Roshi, D., et al., 2021-11-00, ADS

*3. "In Brief: SOFIA's Final Flight"
Hall, Shannon, et al., 2023-02-00, ADS

*2. "Current and Future Space and Airborne Observatories for ISM Studies"
Schulz, B.; Meixner, M. 2023-01-00, ADS

Technical Preprints not yet available in ADS

*1. "4GREAT -- a four-color receiver for high-resolution airborne terahertz spectroscopy"
Duran,C, 2021-99, ADS