The Master's theses listed here present scientific results which have made use of data obtained with SOFIA or discuss SOFIA instrumentation or the observatory as of September 30, 2022.

30. "Improved Prediction of Stellar Occultations as Science Targets for SOFIA and ATUS"
Knieling, B., 2021. Advisors: Krabbe/Schindler

29. "Regler Optimierung für den verbesserten SOFIASekundärspiegelmechanismus"
Maier, M., 2020. Advisors: Krabbe/Graf/Wolf

28. "Optomechanical Design of a Shack Hartmann Testinstrument for the SOFIA Telescope"
Zabel, S., 2020. Advisors: Krabbe/Pfüller/Wolf

27. "Predictions of stellar occultations by solar system bodies for observations with SOFIA"
Burghaus, H., 2019. Advisors: Krabbe/Schindler/Wolf

26. "The optical alignment of telescopes using Shack-Hartmann images"
Kinzel, A., 2019. Advisors: Krabbe/Lachenmann/Wolf

25. "Development and Evaluation of Cryogenic Cooling Concepts for the Upgrade of the Spectrometer FIFI-LS for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)"
Stolear, C., 2018. Advisors: Krabbe/Colditz

24. "Design of Interface Board for SOFIA SMCU"
Pahler, A., 2018. Advisor: Krabbe

23. "Design study of a second channel for the FPI+ instrument on SOFIA"
Petri, J., 2017. Advisors: Krabbe/Pfüller/Wolf

22. "Development and Commissioning of remotely operated test equipment for astronomical site testing"
Exle, A., 2016. Advisors: Krabbe/Schindler/Wolf

21. "Simulation of the SOFIA Telescope Pointing and Control System - A tool to study flexible structure compensation methods"
Spohr, D., 2016. Advisors: Krabbe/Graf/Strohm/Lohmann

20. "Redesign of the power distribution and safety interlock system PUA1 for the SOFIA airborne observatory"
Steidle, A., 2016. Advisor: Krabbe

19. "Design of an Optical Bench to Characterize the SOFIA Telescope by Wavefront Measurements and Fast Imaging"
Wenzel, S., 2015. Advisors: Krabbe/Schindler/Wolf

18. "Astrometric solution and measurement of optical distortions of star field images from SOFIA's target acquisition and tracking cameras"
Hümmer, M., 2015. Advisors: Krabbe/Schindler/Wolf

17. "Characterization of the SOFIA Tilt-Chop Mechanism Test Benches (closed loop)"
Schell, K., 2012. Advisor: Krabbe

16. "Test Bench for Secondary Mirror Actuators of the SOFIA Observatory"
Lammen, Y., 2012.

15. "Inbetriebnahme und Charakterisierung eines VIS NIR Laborspektrometrs und seiner Kameras zur Unterstützung des Stratosphären Observatoriums für Infrarot Astronomie (SOFIA)"
Schumann, Y., 2012. Advisors: Roeser/Wiedemann/Wolf

14. "CFD Simulation of a Cavity Flow considering Sound-Damping Boundary Conditions within the Cavity"
Süße, S., 2011. Advisor: Kraemer

13. "Orientierungsbestimmung für das SOFIA-Teleskop"
Haußmann, S., 2011.

12. "Investigation and Enhancement of the SOFIA Tilt-Chop Mechanism Bandwidth"
Seifert, A., 2010.

11. "Remote Operation of an Astronomical Telescope with CCD Camera in Support of SOFIA"
Grossmann, A., 2010. Advisors: Roeser/Wolf

10. "Design and development of a Matlab based test flight data analyzer for SOFIA"
Schwarz, G., 2010. Advisors: Kraemer/Schmidt/Engfer

9. "Optimization of the Gyroscope Drift Estimation for the SOFIA Telescope"
Häfner, A., 2010.

8. "Characterization of the Aero-Acoustic Properties of the SOFIA Cavity and its Passive Control"
Kütemeyer, M., 2010. Advisors: Kraemer/Schmidt

7. "Characterization of the CCD sensor e2v CCD47-20 for the Improvement of the SOFIA Target Acquisition and Tracking Cameras"
Wiedemann, M., 2009. Advisors: Roeser/Wolf

6. "Characterization of a High Speed EM-CCD Camera as Diagnostic Camera for Pointing Stability of the SOFIA Telescope"
Pfüller, E., 2009. Advisors: Roeser/Wolf

5. "Analysis and Improvement of the Centroiding Algorithm for SOFIA's Tracking System"
Muskardin, T., 2009. Advisors: Roeser/Wolf/Harms

4. "Validation of the SOFIA Mission Control Subsystem communication architecture"
Brüggenwirt, S., 2008.

3. "Characterization Methods of CCD Sensors for the Target Acquisition and Tracking Cameras of SOFIA"
Tietz, S., 2008. Advisors: Roeser/Wolf

2. "Activation and Commissioning of a Mobile Astronomical Telescope System to support the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA"
Ohlenmacher, L., 2006. Advisors: Roeser/Wolf

1. "Study of the Dynamic Behavior of SOFIA's  Coarse Balance Weights by Means of Modal Testing"
Lampater, U., 2004.