This is an incomplete list of PhD theses presenting scientific results which have made use of data obtained with SOFIA or discuss SOFIA instrumentation or the observatory as of September 30, 2022.

65. "The Micro- and Macro- Physics of Giant Molecular Cloud Formation"
Hall, Kendall P., 2021, University of Wisconsin - Madison, advisor: Stanimirovic, Snezana
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2021PhDT.........2H

64. "The transition points in young stars and young star clusters"
Karnath, Nicole, 2019, University of Toledo, advisor: Samuel Thomas "Tom"" Megeath
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2019PhDT.......153K

63. "Rounding Up the Astrophysical Weeds"
McMillan, James P., 2016, Ohio State University, advisor: Frank C. De Lucia
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2016PhDT.......173M

62. "On Ultrafast Time-Domain TeraHertz Spectroscopy in the Condensed Phase: Linear Spectroscopic Measurements of Hydrogen-Bond Dynamics of Astrochemical Ice Analogs and Nonlinear TeraHertz Kerr Effect Measurements of Vibrational Quantum Beats"
Allodi, Marco A., 2015, California Institute of Technology, advisor: Geoffrey Blake
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2015PhDT.......168A

61. "Millimeter and submillimeter wave spectroscopy of astrophysical molecules : application to Methylformate, Glycolaldehyde and Allylisocyanide"
Haykal, Imane, 2013, University of Lille, advisors: Ross, Amanda; Vander Auwera, Jean
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2013PhDT.......429H

60. "The infrared spectrum of massive protostars: circumstellar disks and high mass star formation"
Barr, A.G., 2022, Leiden University, advisor: Tielens, A.G.G.M.

59. "Dynamical and chemical properties of magnetised star-forming regions"
Redaelli, Elena, 2020, LMU München, advisor: Prof. Paola Caselli
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2020PhDT........25R

58. "Star Formation in the Orion A Molecular Cloud"
Suri, Sümeyye, 2019, Universität zu Köln, advisors: Peter Schilke; Stefanie Walch-Gassner
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2019PhDT.......237S

57. "A fresh view on carbon radio recombination lines powered by LOFAR"
Salas Munoz, P.A., 2019, University of Leiden, advisors: Tielens, A.G.G.M.; Röttgering, H.J.A.
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2019PhDT........41S

56. "Investigation of Class I jets with SOFIA"
Sperling, Thomas, 2021, University of Jena, advisor: Jochen Eislöffel
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2021PhDT........31S

55. "The Interstellar Medium Properties of High Redshift Galaxies"
Leung, Tsz Kuk Daisy, 2020, Cornell University, advisors: Rachel Sue Somerville; James Martin Cordes
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2020PhDT.........7L

54. "BETTII: A pathfinder for high angular resolution observations of star-forming regions in the far-infrared"
Rizzo, Maxime J., 2016, University of Maryland, College Park, advisors: Lee Mundy, Department of Astronomy and Dr. Stephen Rinehart, NASA GSFC
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2016PhDT.......156R

53. "Verbesserung der Richtungsstabilisierung von inertial gesteuerten astronomischen Flugzeugteleskopen am Beispiel von SOFIA"
Tucek, Johannes, 2006, TU Berlin, advisor: Hans-Peter Röser
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2006PhDT.......174T

52. "Fabrication of a Superconducting Hot-Electron Bolometer Receiver with Micromachined Waveguide Components"
Datesman, Aaron Michael, 2005, University of Virginia, advisor: Arthur Weston Lichtenberger
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2005PhDT.......170D

51. "Navier-Stokes Simulations of Unsteady Transonic Flow Phenomena"
Atwood, Christopher Alexander, 1992, Stanford University
ADS Bibliographic Code: 1992PhDT........68A

50. "Identification and Characterization of Local Analogs to High-Redshift Galaxies"
Motiño Flores, Skarleth, 2021, The Catholic University of America

49. "Small Molecules, Big Impact: Investigating Hydrides in the Interstellar Medium"
Jacob, Arshia Maria, 2021, Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie Bonn, advisor: Karl M. Menten

48. "Interaction of Massive Stars with Gas clouds in the Milky Way: From shooting stars to breaking bubbles"
Kavak, Ümit, 2021, University of Groningen, advisors: F.F.S van der Tak (University of Groningen/SRON) and A.G.G.M. Tielens (Leiden Observatory).

47. "Orion's Dragon and other stories: Feedback by massive stars"
Pabst, C.H.M., 2021, Leiden University, advisors: Tielens, A.G.G.M.; Goicoechea, J.R.

46. "A sample of Galactic PDRs: [CII] Optical Depth Effects and Self-Absorption"
Guevara Navea, Cristian Felipe, 2019, University of Cologne, advisor: Jürgen Stutzki

45. "On Dust, Carbon Monoxide, and Molecular Hydrogen in the Census of High and Medium-Mass Protostars"
Pitts, Rebecca L. 2019, University of Florida, advisor: P. J. Barnes

44. "Understanding the impact of massive star formation on its surroundings in Messier 8"
Tiwari, Maitraiyee, 2020, Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, advisor: Prof. Karl Menten

43. "Massive Star Formation Across Evolution and Environment"
Liu, Mengyao, 2020, University of Virginia, advisor Jonathan C. Tan

42. "Image jitter reduction and vibration compensation for large optical systems at the example of the airborne SOFIA telescope",
Graf, Friederike 2020, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Institute of Space Systems, advisor: S. Fasoulas

41. "Development, Integration and Inflight testing of an Advanced Secondary Mirror Mechanism for SOFIA",
Lammen, Yannick 2020, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Institute of Space Systems, advisor: A. Krabbe

40. "Laboratory characterisation of FIFI-LS cryogenic subsystems and their in-flight performance onboard SOFIA",
Rebell, Felix 2020, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Institute of Space Systems, advisor: A. Krabbe

39. "Integrated Motion Measurement of Three-Dimensional Lightweight Structures”,
Kaswekar, Praschant  2016, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Institute of Space Systems, advisor: J. Wagner

38. "The formation of dense gas in low- and high-mass star forming regions"
Bonne, Lars, 2020, University of Bordeaux, advisors: Sylvain Bontemps, Nicola Schneider

37. “Infrared Remote Sensing of Volatile Components on the Earth and Moon”
Honniball, Casey I., 2019, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, advisors: P. G. Lucey, R. Wright

36. "Gas and Dust in Galactic Planetary Nebulae at Sub-Solar Metallicity”
Pagomenos, G., 2019, The Open University, advisors: J. Bernard-Salas, H. Fraser.

35. "Terahertz Airborne Astronomy using a Four Detector High Resolution Spectrometer: 4GREAT"
Durán Urrutia, C. A., 2018, University of Bonn, advisor: K. Menten

34. "A Study of the Dust Mineralogy of Low and High Mass Post-Main Sequence Stars"
Arneson, R. A. 2017, University of Minnesota, advisor: R.D. Gehrz
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2017PhDT.......203A

33. "Massive Stars: An Infrared Exploration across the HR Diagram"
Gordon, M.S., 2018, University of Minnesota, advisors: T.J. Jones, R. Humphreys, R.D. Gehrz
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2018PhDT........46G

32. "Development and Construction of the Far-infrared Spectrometer FIFI-LS and ISO Observations of the Galactic Center"
Raab W., 2002, LMU Munich, advisor: R. Genzel
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2002PhDT.......175R

31. "Physical processes in the Interstellar Medium of the Magellanic Clouds"
Cheavnce M. 2016 Université Sorbonne Paris Cité, advisor: S. Madden

30. "Optical Alignment and Characterization of FIFI-LS - the Far-Infrared Field Imaging Line Spectrometer for SOFIA and Spitzer IRS Observations of Active Galaxies."
Schweitzer, M. 2008, LMU Munich, advisor: R. Genzel
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2008PhDT.......555S

29. "Development of a far-infrared detector array and ISO SWS observations of molecular hydrogen in the star-forming region OMC-1"
Rosenthal, D. 2001 LMU Muinch, advisor: R. Genzel

28. "Exploring HII Regions and Massive Dusty Stars in the Galactic Center with SOFIA/FORCAST"
Hankins, M. 2018. Cornell University, advisor: T. Herter

27. "Observing Cool Dust Around Active Galactic Nuclei Using the SOFIA Telescope"
Fuller, L. 2017. The University of Texas at San Antonio, advisor: C. Packham

26. "Water in the Early Solar System: Mid-infrared Studies of Aqueous Alteration on Asteroids”
McAdam, M. 2017. University of Maryland, advisor: J. Sunshine
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2017DPS....4920811M

25. "FLITECAM/SOFIA Commissioning and Early Science and A Study of Late-T Dwarf Color Outliers with NIRSPEC/Keck”
Logsdon 2017. University of California Los Angeles, advisor: I. McLean
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2017AAS...22910603L

24. “Hot Electron Bolometer Mixers for THz Arrays”
Büchel 2017. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stutzki

23. "Far and mid-infrared studies of star forming regions: Probing their thermal balance, chemistry and evolution"
Koumpia, E. 2016, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, advisor: F.F.S. van der Tak, pdf

22. “A Study of the Distribution of Carbon in the nearby Universe”
Glück 2016. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stutzki

21. "FIFI-LS – A Field-Imaging Far-Infrared Line Spectrometer for SOFIA: Completion of the Instrument, Laboratory and In-flight Calibration and Characterization”
Colditz, S. 2016. University of Stuttgart, advisor: A. Krabbe

20. "A Study of Hypergiant Mass Loss in the Near-To-Mid Infrared: VY CMa, IRC +10420, mu Cep and rho Cas"
Shenoy, D. P., 2016. University of Minnesota, advisor: T. Jones
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2016PhDT........17S

19. "Superconductor Insulator Superconductor Mixer Devices with Gold Energy Relaxation Layers”
Selig 2016. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stutzki

18. "Fast EMCCD Cameras for the Optical Characterization of the SOFIA Observatory and its Telescope Subsystems"
Pfueller E. 2016, University of Stuttgart, advisor: A. Krabbe

17. "Improving the Sensitivity of the SOFIA Target Acquisition and Tracking Cameras"
Wiedemann M. 2016, University of Stuttgart, advisor: A. Krabbe

16. “Atmospheric calibration for sub-millimeter radio astronomy”
Guan 2015. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stutzki

15. “Probing the Extreme Environment of the Galactic Center with Observations from SOFIA/FORCAST”
Lau 2014. Cornell University, advisor: T. Herter
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2014AAS...22421302L

14. "Inflight Commissioning and Performance Improvement of the SOFIA Secondary Mirror Mechanism"
Reinacher A. 2014, University of Stuttgart, advisor: H-P Roeser

13. "Characterization of the unsteady cavity flow around the SOFIA airborne telescope"
Engfer C. 2014, University of Stuttgart, advisor: E. Kraemer

12. "Improvements to the Image Stability of the SOFIA Airborne Telescope"
Lampater U. 2013, University of Stuttgart, advisor: H-P Roeser

11. “Aufbau, Charakterisierung und Inbetriebnahme des 1.4 THz Kanals des Heterodyn-Empfängers GREAT”
Ricken 2011. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stutzki

10. “Spectroscopic characterization of extrasolar planets from ground-, space- and airborne-based observatories”
Angerhausen 2010. University of Stuttgart, advisor: A. Krabbe
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2010PhDT.......210A

9. "A Contribution to Characterizing and Calibrating the Pointing Control System of the SOFIA Telescope"
Harms F. 2009, University of Stuttgart, advisor: H-P Roeser.
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2009PhDT.......318H

8. "Simulation der instationären Strömung um das Stratosphärenobservatorium SOFIA"
Schmid S. 2009, University of Stuttgart, advisor: E. Kraemer.
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2009PhDT.......597S

7. "Investigation of PAHs in Planetary Nebulae using FLITECAM"
Smith, E. C., 2008. University of California, Los Angeles, advisor: I. McLean
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2008PhDT........28S

6. "Aufbau, Optimierung und Charakterisierung der THz-Optik für GREAT auf SOFIA"
Wagner-Gentner, A., 2007. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stützki
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2007PhDT.......210W

5. "Waveguide Heterodyne Mixers at THz-Frequencies - Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometers on 2-micron Si3N4 Membranes for GREAT and CONDOR"
Munoz, P. P., 2007. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stützki
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2007PhDT........10P

4. "Entwicklung und Aufbau eines BWO-basierten 1,9-THz-Lokaloszillatoren für den Heterodynempfänger GREAT"
Philipp, Martin, 2008, University of Cologne, advisors: Urs Graf; Jürgen Stutzki
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2008PhDT.......258P

3. "Development of Ultrathin Niobium Nitride and Niobium Titanium Nitride Films for THz Hot-Electron Bolometers"
Bedorf, S. H., 2005. University of Cologne, advisor: J. Stützki
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2005PhDT.......246B

2. "The High Resolution Spectrometer for SOFIA-GREAT: Instrumentation, Atmospheric Modeling and Observations"
Villanueva, G. L., 2004. Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet zu Freiburg, advisor: L. Reindl
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2004PhDT.........6V

1. "Searching for Young Low Mass Objects Using FLITECAM"
Mainzer, A. K., 2003. University of California, Los Angeles, advisor: I. McLean
ADS Bibliographic Code: 2003PhDT.......182M