Dust in Nearby Galaxies with Spitzer (DUSTiNGS)
DUSTiNGS consists of a sample of 50 dwarf galaxies within 1.5 Mpc, which have been mapped with IRAC channels 1 and 2 (3.6 and 4.5 microns). The sample consists of 37 dwarf spheroidal, 8 dwarf irregular, and 5 transition-type galaxies.
The DUSTiNGS data release includes images and source catalogs based on uniform Spitzer 3.6 and 4.5 micron observations. The catalogs are available in "full" and "good" versions, where quality cuts based on photometric accuracy and source morphology have been applied to the latter.
You can get a close-up map of a region by clicking on any of the red overlays on the above image, or by typing a coordinate below.
There are several search options:
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The canonical paper for DUSTiNGS is Boyer et al. (2015).
Access all the Spitzer datasets at IRSA.
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