Far-Infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey (FIDEL)
A Spitzer Legacy Science Program
Data Products

FIDEL data product release documents:

Schedule for FIDEL Spitzer data releases:

Data Release 1 (DR1) - June 2007: Best-effort reductions of the FIDEL first epoch MIPS photometry-mode observations for the ECDFS at 24 and 70 microns

Data Release 2 (DR2) - September 2007: Best-effort reductions for:

Data Release 3 (DR3) - June 2008: Version 1 reductions of all MIPS data for the ECDFS, EGS and GOODS-N, incorporating scanning-mode data for ECDFS (including 160 microns) and second-epoch EGS observations. We will released combined images incorporating all major MIPS observations of the survey fields, including data from FIDEL, GTO, and GO programs. Basic science-grade point source catalogs will also be released.

Data Release 4 (DR4) - June 2009: Version 2 re-reductions (if appropriate) of all MIPS data for the FIDEL fields, including advanced, band-merged multiwavelength catalogs.