Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey IRAC Four-Band Catalogs

Extragalactic FLS Overview

The Extragalactic First Look Survey is composed of 4 square degrees of imaging with MIPS and IRAC centered at J1718+5930, with extensive ancillary data from ground-based optical and radio telescopes. As one of the first observations made with Spitzer after the completion of Science Verification at the end of 2003 November, the aim of this 67 hr survey was to characterize the extragalactic source populations observed with Spitzer down to sub-millijansky levels in the mid-infrared.

Details about the IRAC observations can be found in Lacy et al. (2005).

XFLS IRAC Four-Band Catalog Column Descriptions

IRSA serves XFLS IRAC Four-Band Catalogs for the Main and Verification fields of the XFLS (19 columns, 12,224 data rows in the Verification field catalog, 103,193 data rows in the Main field).

Name Intype Units Description
pix_x double x pixel coordinate in shortest wavelength mosaic
pix_y double y pixel coordinate in shortest wavelength mosaic
ra double deg Right Ascension (J2000)
dec double deg Declination (J2000)
ch1id int Source identification in 3.6 micron catalog
ch2id int Source identification in 4.5 micron catalog
ch3id int Source identification in 5.8 micron catalog
ch4id int Source identification in 8 micron catalog
ch1flux double microjy Flux density at 3.6 microns
errch1 double microjy Uncertainty in ch1flux
ch2flux double microjy Flux density at 4.5 microns
errch2 double microjy Uncertainty in ch2flux
ch3flux double microjy Flux density at 5.8 microns
errch3 double microjy Uncertainty in ch3flux
ch4flux double microjy Flux density at 8 microns
errch4 double microjy Uncertainty in ch4flux
aper double pixel Aperture used for flux density measurements
flag int Flag:
0 = More than 10\% area affected by bad pixels
1 = Object originally blended with another one
2 = At least one object pixel is saturated
3 = Object is truncated at image boundary
4 = Object's aperture data are incomplete or corrupted
5 = Object's isophotal data are incomplete or corrupted
6 = A memory overflow occurred during deblending
7 = A memory overflow occurred during extraction
8 = Region affected by muxbleed, pulldown, or banding
9 = Object in halo of bright star
10 = Object contaminated by latent image
dflg int Sum of detection flag bits:
0 = channel 1 detection
1 = channel 2 detection
2 = channel 3 detection
3 = channel 4 detection