Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey MIPS 24 micron Calibration Star Catalog

Extragalactic FLS Overview

The Extragalactic First Look Survey is composed of 4 square degrees of imaging with MIPS and IRAC centered at J1718+5930, with extensive ancillary data from ground-based optical and radio telescopes. As one of the first observations made with Spitzer after the completion of Science Verification at the end of 2003 November, the aim of this 67 hr survey was to characterize the extragalactic source populations observed with Spitzer down to sub-millijansky levels in the mid-infrared.

Details about the MIPS 24 micron observations can be found in Fadda et al. (2006).

XFLS MIPS 24 micron Calibration Star Catalog Column Descriptions

IRSA serves the XFLS MIPS 24 micron Calibration Star Catalog (35 columns, 231 data rows).

Name Intype Units Description
ra double deg Right Ascension (J2000)
dec double deg Declination (J2000)
umag double mag SDSS u band magnitude
uerr double mag Error in umag
gmag double mag SDSS g band magnitude
gflag int Flag on gmag:
1 = point was considered deviant in the fit
gerr double mag Error in gmag
rmag double mag SDSS r band magnitude
rflag int Flag on rmag:
1 = point was considered deviant in the fit
rerr double mag Error in rmag
imag double mag SDSS i band magnitude
iflag int Flag on ima:
1 = point was considered deviant in the fitg
ierr double mag Error in imag
zmag double mag SDSS z band magnitude
zflag int Flag on zma:
1 = point was considered deviant in the fitg
zerr double mag Error in zmag
jmag double mag 2MASS J band magnitude
jerr double mag Error in jmag
hmag double mag 2MASS H band magnitude
herr double mag Error in hmag
kmag double mag 2MASS K band magnitude
kerr double mag Error in kmag
flux_3_6 double mjy IRAC 3.6 micron flux
err_3_6 double mjy Error in flux_3.6
flux_4_5 double mjy IRAC 4.5 micron flux
err_4_5 double mjy Error in flux_4.5
flux_5_8 double mjy IRAC 5.8 micron flux
err_5_8 double mjy Error in flux_5.8
flux_24 double mjy Measured MIPS 24 micron flux
err_24 double mjy Error in flux_24
pred_24 double mjy Predicted MIPS 24 micron flux
err_pred double mjy Error in pred_24
teff int K Best fit effective temperature
feh double Log of the best fit Fe/H number abundance (Solar units)
logg double cm/s2 Log of the best fit surface gravity