Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey MIPS 70 and 160 micron Catalogs

Extragalactic FLS Overview

The Extragalactic First Look Survey is composed of 4 square degrees of imaging with MIPS and IRAC centered at J1718+5930, with extensive ancillary data from ground-based optical and radio telescopes. As one of the first observations made with Spitzer after the completion of Science Verification at the end of 2003 November, the aim of this 67 hr survey was to characterize the extragalactic source populations observed with Spitzer down to sub-millijansky levels in the mid-infrared.

Details about the MIPS 70 and 160 micron observations can be found in Frayer et al. (2006).

XFLS MIPS 70 and 160 micron Catalog Column Descriptions

IRSA serves XFLS MIPS 70 and 160 micron Catalogs (7 columns, 687 and 207 data rows, respectively). Note, fluxes were increased by 15% relative to the values published in Frayer et al. (2006) based on the calibration improvements described in Frayer et al. (2009).

Name Intype Units Description
srcid character Source name
ra double deg Right Ascension (J2000)
dec double deg Declination (J2000)
p_err double arcsec Position uncertainty
flux double mjy Flux density
f_err double mjy Error in Flux density. Includes the 15% (70 micron) and 25% (160 micron) uncertainty of the absolute flux density scale.
flag char Flag for flux measurement:
prf = source fitted by a PRF
aX = aperture measurement of diameter X arcsec
70 micron sources with aperture flags ending with m represent bright galaxies not well fitted by a PRF and with nearby companions. In these cases, the flux density was derived by subtracting the PRF measurement(s) of the nearby faint point sources from the total aperture flux density.