Spitzer First Look Survey -- Ancillary MMT/Hectospec Spectral Data
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The Spitzer First Look Survey (FLS) is the initial Director's Discretionary Time program executed on the observatory. The extragalactic component is composed of 4 square degrees of imaging with MIPS and IRAC centered at J1718+5930. For more information on the Spitzer First Look Survey, click here.
Access is provided here to the second delivery (v2) of the spectroscopic survey using the MMT/Hectospec fiber spectrograph of 24 µm sources selected with the Spitzer Space Telescope in the FLS (FLS_HECTOSPEC). Released are 1296 new redshifts for 24 µm sources, including 599 with fv(24µm) >= 1 mJy. These data are combined with 291 additional redshifts for sources from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The Hectospec survey includes 1078 and 168 objects spectroscopically classified as galaxies and QSOs, respectively. These data accompany the paper, Papovich et al. (2006), AJ, in press, available at: http://arvix.org/abs/astro-ph/0512623.
Redshift catalogs and spectra are available here using spatial search queries only, as are the following browse products, created by IRSA: MMT/Hectospec spectrum previews and ASCII spectrum table files (binned and unbinned). Advanced queries on redshift catalog columns only may be made using the Gator query engine (scroll down to th Spitzer catalog section). To download all the FLS_HECTOSPEC data, click here.
The FLS_HECTOSPEC data coverage is represented on the FLS NOAO Extragalactic -- R band mosaicked image with overlays above. Catalog source positions are shown in cyan for MMT spectra, in red for SDSS and MIPS photometry and in yellow for SDSS spectra. Click here for more information on the FLS HECTOSPEC dataset.
Access all the Spitzer Legacy datasets at IRSA.
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