IUDF Spitzer Data
The IRAC Ultradeep Field (IUDF) combines all ultradeep data ever taken with the Spitzer Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) at 3.6 and 4.5 microns over GOODS-South and the HUDF (+ parallels). The deepest observations come from the IRAC Ultra Deep Field (IUDF, ID 70145, PI Labbe) and IRAC Legacy over GOODS (IGOODS, PID 10076, PI Oesch) programs, combined with archival data from GOODS (PID 194, PI Dickinson), SEDS (PID 60022, PI G. Fazio), S-CANDELS (PID 70204, PI Fazio), ERS (PID 80217, PI Fazio), and UDF2 (PID 30866, PI Bouwens). The combined IRAC images in this data release amount to 1500 hour total integration time, ranging from >50 hour over 150 sq. arcmin, and >100 hour over 60 sq. arcmin, to ~200 hour over 5 - 10 sq. arcmin.
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IUDF data can be accessed in several ways:
If you use IUDF data, please cite Labbe et al. (2015).
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