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The Spitzer SDSS Statistical Spectroscopic Survey (S5) is a Cycle-5 Spitzer Legacy program to acquire 5 to 40 micron mid-infrared spectroscopy of a representative sample of galaxies from SDSS, selected for having prior photometric coverage in the UV and Halpha fluxes greater than 3x10-15 erg/s/cm2. The S5 project is an extension of the SSGSS over a larger set of SDSS sources (292) and narrower redshift range. In addition, the S5 sample was selected without mid-IR prior. These data represent the first public data release of the full S5 sample. The dataset includes short-low, long-low, and short-high IRS spectroscopy for the full sample. Sources have been selected in 48 patches of at least 5 sources spatially separated by less than 30' in order to take advantage of the cluster observing mode of Spitzer.

If you use S5 data, please cite the dataset Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.26131/IRSA503.

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