SPT-Spitzer Deep Field
You can get a close-up map of a region by clicking on any area in red on the above image, or by typing a coordinate below.
The first delivery (DR1) of the "SPT-Spitzer Deep Field" (SSDF) is available here using spatial and visualization tools.
The Spitzer-South Pole Telescope Deep Field (SSDF) is a wide-area survey using IRAC to cover 94 square degrees of extragalactic sky, making it the largest IRAC survey completed to date outside the Milky Way midplane. The SSDF is centered at 23:30,-55:00, in a region that combines observations spanning a broad wavelength range from numerous facilities. These include millimeter imaging from the South Pole Telescope, far-infrared observations from Herschel/SPIRE, X-ray observations from the XMM XXL survey, near-infrared observations from the VISTA Hemisphere Survey, and radio-wavelength imaging from the Australia Telescope Compact Array, in a panchromatic project designed to address major outstanding questions surrounding galaxy clusters and the baryon budget.
SSDF catalog data are available using IRSA's Catalog Search Engine, which allows for complex search queries. Also available are SSDF image "cutouts" using IRSA's Cutouts Service, which is a general tool to create single or multiple small FITS (and JPEG) image cutouts of datasets archived at IRSA.
Image tiles are represented in red on the image above. Type in a coordinate or click on any region to get a close-up of the area; the size of the search is adjustable.
The canonical paper for SSDF is Ashby et al. (2013).
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