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The Spitzer SDSS Galaxy Spectroscopic Survey (SSGSS) is a Cycle-3 Spitzer program to acquire 5 to 40 micron mid-infrared spectroscopy of a representative sample of galaxies from SDSS, selected for having full prior photometric coverage from the UV to the far-IR. The full SSGSS sample includes 101 star forming galaxies from the SWIRE/Lockman Hole region. These galaxies were selected from those with full SDSS, GALEX and IRAC (4 channel) and MIPS (24 and 70 micron) photometry, with a 5.8 micron surface brightness limit of 0.75 MJy/sr and a 24 micron flux limit of 1.5 mJy. The first public data release of the full SSGSS data set includes short-low and long-low IRS spectroscopy for the full sample, and short-high IRS spectroscopy for a subsample of the 33 brightest galaxies.

If you use SSGSS data, please cite the dataset Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.26131/IRSA502.

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